Clemento Suarez Explains How He Will Feel If His Son Turns A Comedian

Popular comedian Clemento Suarez has expressed her opinion on how he will feel if his son turns out to be a comedian.

According to the ‘Kejetia vs Makola’ series fame, he would be happy if his son turns out to be comedian just like him.

Clemento also explained that the industry is increasingly becoming very lucrative most especially for the talented ones hence, he would be glad if joins the Industry.

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Clemento Suarez
Clemento Suarez

“I will be extremely happy if my son turns out to be a comedian. Where we are now, it is the talented ones who are getting the money and so if your kid has the talent to be a comedian, you need to groom him or her and between five to 20 years he or she is going to make it big time,” he said on Accra-based TV3.

“My parents didn’t mind when I decided to become a comic actor and so why should I if my child also wants to become one?” He quizzed.

The comedian, who has gone viral after releasing a new skit on covid-19 as part of his quota in creating awareness to help curb the deadly virus stressed that he is not a fool but just loves to entertain people.

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