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“As An African, I Found #Coming2America Mildly Offensive” – Filmmaker Leila Djansi

Ghanaian born American based filmmaker, Leila Djansi, has open up concerns on the “Coming 2 America” movie.

The Hollywood movie “Coming 2 America” is a continuation of the first one which was released in 1988. The filmmaker claimed that the management of the movie did a bad job at projecting Africa to the world.

Sharing on her Instagram page, Leila Djansi alleged that she found the movie too offensive, Leila Djansi then stated that they didn’t do the best thing by projecting Africa as a continent where there are jungles, wild animals and child warriors.

She wrote; “As an African, I found #Coming2America mildly offensive. Jungles, wild animals, child warriors and war. Come on Hollywood, these tropes show how discriminatory and disrespectful y’all are. Enough! There’s more to Africa and please don’t try hiding em within wealth.

I don’t understand this unwillingness to change and accept that these images and ideas are wrong, mostly lies. Spent 15 years of my life in Ghana and never even seen a squirrel. Child soldiers? Chicago gun totting gang kids? Can we talk about that? STOP!! Africans are regular people. African cities are cosmopolitan. African villages are what they are based on culture and geography. Let’s not discuss villages in the South. Georgia?”

See screenshot below;

Screenshot 2021 03 05 094008

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