How I Died And Came Back To Life – 55-year-Old Prophetess Tells Stunning Heaven Story


For some, it’s just Jesus who passed on and restored from the dead the third day to satisfy the expression of his dad in Heaven and furthermore to purge humanity from sins as accepted by the Christians.

There is by all accounts another revival story in our lawn and the story is upheld by a nippy record of a destitute long term elderly person, Doris Anthony of Accra and a mother of seven.

As indicated by Doris, she has that number of youngsters since she was of the conviction that “One Day Ego Be” and, consequently, made kids whiles sitting tight for the roughage days.

Doris who addressed SVTV Africa in a meeting observed by said along the line throughout everyday life, she got the calling of God to be his prophetess so as to spread the gospel and furthermore play out certain supernatural occurrences that will get people groups issues settled.

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In any case, the calling accompanied otherworldly assaults on her life which deteriorated into an infection that couldn’t be demonstrated by any type of analysis. Doris reveals to SVTV Africa that, her disorder took a turn for the terrible that aspect of the body was decaying with all expectation lost.

Following quite a while of doing combating a disease, Doris kicked the bucket yet it was not for long as she returned to life on the day she was being covered; leaving individuals with no decision except for to flee on the grounds that honestly, such events happen just in motion pictures.

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“I kicked the bucket however I revived upon the arrival of my internment. I was taken to paradise after my passing and God said I needed to accomplish his work so he brought me back on earth. He said in the event that I don’t come and accomplish his work, he will end my life once more. At the point when I returned, I saw just my kids crying whiles all others had fled.”

She said after she revived, life hasn’t been simple for her so she needed to move from Yeji to Accra to guarantee that she improves life for her seven kids who don’t have fathers.