Hot Audio Reveals What Led Pastor Sylvester Ofori To Kill His Wife In A Ghanaian Community In The US


A journalist situated in Orlando, Florida, the USA where pastor Sylvester Ofori killed his significant other, Barbara Tammey, has given an exhaustive record of what prompted the grievous occurrence.

Talking in an elite interview with Adom FM, Amankrado, who is at Sankofa Radio in the USA, said conjugal fracas between the two people prompted the shooting and executing of the lady.

As per him, the marriage among Sylvester and Beatrice hit the stone and the two had headed out in a different direction however the man was not prepared to relinquish the lady.

With so much fury and enmity in his heart held against the lady, he chooses to straightforwardly shoot her twice in the back to take her life. Amankrado included that the Ghanaian people group in and around America are a lot of frustrated with this sad occasion.

He forewarned the open not to mess with hazardous grudges and should report any individual who takes steps to end their life.

Listen to the audio HERE