Here Is The Baby The Buried Pregnant Woman Gives Birth To

A pregnant woman who died and was buried for more than four months now has delivered in her grave, this is a sad and shocking news.

Indeed life in itself is a mystery, the God of miracle still lives and if you do not believe this should actually tell you something really exist in this world.

According to the video which has been chanced on by our outfit, a pregnant woman who was reportedly dead and buried for over 4 month with her child delivered in the grave.


Residents who were passing by the grave heard the cry of the baby and then decided to exhume the grave but to their surprise, they found out that the lady had given birth in the grave.

According to a social media user who posted the video on the internet;

”A pregnant woman died. After 4 months they heard a baby crying in her grave, they excavated the pit and noticed she give birth to a baby inside her grave.”

Watch the video below:


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