Here Is How To Save Your Relationship From Collapsing


Every relationship demands valuable ideas from valuable persons in other to have a successful relationship.

A relationship without valuable ideas stands at a high risk of collapsing. Also, the syndrome of consensus stands tall as far as relationships are concerned.

Many young ladies and guys rush in for other partners when their consensus with current partners are not been met thinking that they weren’t made to be together.

Well, This is when the matter of valuable ideas comes in. To have a successful relationship is all about drawing into a consensus, in other words agreeing to a deliberated issue without any hindrance.

Lack of agreement between partners in a relationship always brings down a relationship.

Now, these are some steps to abide by in other to distance yourself from a collapsing relationship.

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In some parts of Ghana, attention in relationships is well defined by ladies more than men. In this case, if your partner poses to be of that type, kindly do as such for him or her to avoid any break-up.


Cooking in relationships seems contrary to marriage customs though but, mind you, engaging yourself in a relationship is a preparation towards marriage hence ladies must do their best on that part.

Taking Your Partner as your best friend:

This goes with the saying that if you want to marry, marry your best friend. This implies that your best friend is the one who seems to be your best soul in life and with regards to that he or she should be your life partner.

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In this case, if you are not able to marry your best friend, treat anyone that you meet in your relationship as your best friend.


Rigid relationships aren’t that cool as compared to flexible ones. Your might rigid naturally but you ought t learn how to crack jokes or use other means to make your relationship flexible.


Taking your partner out once a while for either lunch or anything at all adds more taste to the relationship.