Headteachers Choked Over Free SHS Difficulties’ – Apaak

free shs


The Member of Parliament for Builsa South Dr. Lenient Appak says headteachers of government schools the nation over are being choked over Free SHS challenges.

The minority has ceaselessly reprimanded the arrangement saying it has been ineffectively actualized.

Dr Apaak accepts school heads have been scared so they don’t voice out the challenges they face.

He additionally made light of the twofold track framework saying it was an automatic response.

The NDC has vowed to change the approach and drop the twofold track framework.

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free shs

Talking on the week after week survey portion of the Morning Starr Friday Dr Apaak repeated the following NDC government’s arrangement to enlist private auxiliary schools onto the strategy.

He said “we are stating free SHS is a decent arrangement however inadequately executed. We are additionally discussing headteachers of schools being suggested so they don’t discuss the difficulties with the arrangement.

“Twofold track was a reconsideration. It was an automatic response. It was absence of appropriate arranging and usage. We said we planned to set up the human and physical foundation before we go completely. In any case, our adversaries said when they come to control, they’ll go with the full execution. So we were never against free SHS. Yet, when they won force, what did we see? They didn’t go completely.”

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Dr Apaak indicated that the NDC had just begun the strategy of extending existing senior secondary schools, including non-public schools and finishing twofold track.”

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