Ghana’s Covid-19 Cases Top 80,000; Fears Rise As Deaths Increase

covid-19 ghana

Ghana’s Covid-19 cases since the outbreak of the disease has officially gone past 80,000.

The Ghana Health Service ( GHS ) in it’s latest update on Sunday put the officially confirmed figures of Ghana’s Covid 19 at 80,253.

This follows 598 new recorded cases. The deaths are now 577 while the recoveries-cum-discharges are now 75,836

This leaves the active cases at 8,216 Ghana awaits it’s consignment of vaccines by the end of this month for vaccination to begin March.

It appears the measures adopted by the government in the fight against the virus is not working.

The active cases continue to rise while deaths are also unprecedented rate of increase.

So far, a cumulative total of 75,836 cases have been recorded.

But what is worrying is the death rate. From 335 at the start of this year and since the outbreak of the deadly viral disease in March, the number has risen to 577.

According to the latest figures released by the Ghana Health service , the recoveries-cum-discharges are at 67,087.

This leaves the total cases at 8,216 one of the highest in the case count.

Thirty-three persons are in critical condition while 101 are in severe condition. So far over 800,000 tests have been conducted while routine surveillance as well as enhanced contact tracing continues.

Vaccines are expected in the country in March.

By Kweku Aftown