Ghanaian Times: Let’s Avoid Danger Looming On Kaneshie-Odorkor highway


“Beware! Kaneshie-Odorkor highway becoming dangerous,” that was the headline of the the Ghanaian Times on Monday. The story carried in its bosom an agonizing story about impending and evident danger on Kaneshie-Odorkor highway highway in Accra.

In its own right, The story portrayed a dangerous picture of fractions of the road that had become a threat to the lives of road users. The story carried in its bosom, portions of the road showing potholes containing water and destroyed drains. Like a fountain, these burst drains were throwing out water at an enormous speed.

.Many a part of the road had turned into a no way for people to pass. Erosion had brought an agony to the road. Rains over the past weeks had washed the top part and has eating deep into some areas of the road.
The event has forced the two-way carriage road into a single lane as drivers try to avoid the potholes and to the extreme to avoid human excreta.

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The situation above is not what to even worry about but the service the drainage pays to your nose when you find yourself on this road is what you need to mourn about.

Residents,shop owners, food vendors and passers-by are usually hit by the stench coming from the drainage system which had gone over the threshold frequency humans can bear.
The Ghanaian Times is astonished that a major road like the Kaneshie-Odorkor highway would be left in such a deplorable state for it to pose threat to human lives.

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Constructed mainly for road user to surf on with ease,the first class international high way had turned into a no return zone.
People who had ever used the road would tell you that it will be magical to move an inch without encountering an obstacle.The whole place is now an eyesore and motorists place their life on it everyday.

With this disheartening situation, it is an urgent plea to the authorities to stop paying a death ear to the calls of the people and see to it that the road is fixed. Lives are being threatened and we can’t wait to loose innocent lives before we do something about it. Let’s wake up from our sleep and get to work.Human life is important.