Ghanaian Lady Who Received 100 Lashes For Sleeping With Sudanese In Saudi Arabia Finally Speaks

The Ghanaian lady who was given 100 in number lashes for sleeping with a Sudanese in Saudi Arabia has at last spoken.

As per the lady, the Ghanaian abroad was envious she was dating a Sudanese man and not a Ghanaian.

She clarified that she was taken to Saudi Arabia by her specialist yet she was left deserted in space for over one month.

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It was the Sudanese who dealt with her and furnished her with all the things she should get by for that month she was deserted.

So she wound up experiencing passionate feelings for the person and they began dating. Be that as it may, the Ghanaians there who had proposed to her including her own operator were desirous and wanted to disfavor her.

Watch the video below…

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