51-Year-Old Ghanaian Coronavirus Survivor Shares His Survival STORY

One of Ghana Coronavirus patients who has been fully treated who happens to be a 51-year-old man has shared his survival story.


Identified as Fred Drah, he tested positive for the virus some few weeks ago, however, recent lab results proved that he has been fully treated as he tested negative.

Meanwhile, 17 people have fully recovered from the deadly Coronavirus. If you missed it, CLICK HERE TO READ!!!

In a recent interview with TV3, he shared his experience saying it has really humbled and made him cherish life more.

Coronavirus survivor

On how he contracted Coronavirus, he said he contracted the virus through a friend he dealt with at the port where he works.

In the interview, he said;

“I work at the ports, I had a friend who came to…he brought mattresses and that friend came and we had a contact. We even ate together but I could realise that he was coughing but then the mind was not there that certain thing can happen. I was okay untill one faithful day. That day was 17th March 2020.

So I went to Tema Polyclinic and my temperature was above the normal body temperature so there was some sort of suspicion. They will not even tell me anything. They took my sample. I had a call then the gentleman told me am I Fredrick Drah? And I said Yes I was the one. Then this gentleman just said through the test that they did, they realise that erhhh I’m having COVID-19 that I have tested positive”

Narrating his story, he spoke about how he was the very first person admitted at the isolation centre (Ga-East Hospital) and how someone who came after him died after a few days.

Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus In Ghana Rises To 19

Additionally, he indicated that he together with his family were stigmatized because of the news of him testing positive to the virus, however, he advised the general public to be very careful because Coronavirus is not a joke.

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