Ghana Is Not Our Home – Nigerian Community Ghana Cautions Potential Protesters

The National Executives of the All Nigerian Community (ANC) in Ghana on Friday, October 2020 held a question and answer session in Ghana’s capital, Accra to address the lamentable episodes that have portrayed the #EndSARS fights in Nigeria and different urban areas over the globe.

The presser comes days after the downfall of exactly twelve tranquil dissenters at the Lekki tollbooth after faculty from the Nigerian military supposedly started shooting.

Addressing writers in Accra, the General Secretary of the Nigerian people group in Ghana, Isaac Ekhator through an announcement cautioned Nigerians domiciled in Ghana to be aware of laws of the host country before leaving on such a dissent.

As indicated by him, Nigerians in Ghana may practice their entitlement to draw the consideration of the home government to irregularities and deviations in their nation of origin yet in manners and habits that would not disturb the current harmony in Ghana and with other host nations.

“The initiative of the Nigerian Community Ghana wishes to repeat that Nigerians in Ghana ought to be aware of her reality that Ghana isn’t our country.”

“As outsiders in Ghana or in different nations, we have restricted rights and we can just work with the lawful and social scope allowed by the host nations.”

“Notwithstanding the warm cordiality concurred us Nigerians in Ghana we ought not underestimate the largesse and benefits.”

“Despite the fact that the political air of any nation in the ECOWAS sub-locale is consistently of concern and enthusiasm to the whole network those different nations ought not be exposed to be immediate casualties of the emergencies in Nigeria.”

Before this question and answer session, Nigerians living in Ghana had effectively two fights.

The principal, which was driven by a well known Nigerian craftsman, Zlatan was held scarcely seven days after the End SARS fight started across the country. The second, notwithstanding been dropped at the scene of the dissent was genuinely fruitful.

The dissenters blamed the Buhari-drove organization for supporting illegal intimidation.

“Leave it alone on record that the Nigerian government is supporting and supporting psychological warfare. Now, a portion of my companions were at the assembly yesterday and I am calling them today, they can’t pick. I don’t know if they are alive. They are slaughtering our siblings and sisters who are quiet nonconformists we need the world to know,” he revealed to reporter in Accra.

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