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“Ghana Education Service Is Making The Teaching Profession Unattractive” – Teacher Kwadwo

Teacher Kwadwo

Popular Ghanaian entertainer/teacher, Michael Owusu Afriyie, well known as Teacher Kwadwo, has wail in the act of the Ghana Education Service.

In a lengthy post on Facebook page of Teacher kwadwo, he stated that while they are trying to make the teaching attractive, GES is also spoiling it, this statement comes after they called Abenah Serwaah Mankosa, a teacher who uses her own salary to feed her pupils for questioning.

Teacher Kwadwo then portrayed how he was being treated years ago by GES.

Read Teacher Kwadwo’s lengthy post below;

“damn!!! They have started again. They are trying to “INTIMIDATE”

Abenah Serwaah Mankosa

(The teacher who feeds her pupils).🤦🏾‍♀️

Ghana Education Service

I am so disappointed in u!!!!

I am now beginning to accept that u people are just “Fault Finding Institution”. You can never ever protect Teachers with this attitude,Ghana Education will forever be as it is!!! tu3!!!!🤮
we are all waiting here. u people say she should bring her documents tomorrow at her district office. trust me,we are all monitoring everything here and we will fight for her!!!!!
In as much as we try to make the TEACHING PROFESSION attractive then u people will be making it UNATTRACTIVE!!!
Now,beign a Teacher is like a Slave in this country!!! 1st of all the salary is not good neither do u even “MOTIVATE” us. When we find our ways to do it too,then u keep “fighting” us.
what kinda institution is this??? damn!!!
Since I started sharing Uniforms,no1 from my district office has even called me to say “Well done” before. When I supplied 10 computers to my school,same thing!!! even though I dnt need that from u people but when a group of people said it on facebook that u should punish me about issue u people barely understand,u sent me a letter without even hearing my side of the story to the extent that I was even “maltreated” at the district office by 1 man called “T.K MENSAH”. I nearly stopped teaching that day but I’m still in it because of the passion!!! I sew uniforms to the Needy pupils in nearby villages that cost me 5000-7,000 every month so u people know ur 1,500 salary cnt be a reason I’m still teaching!!!!
Now,back to ABENA’s issue,u people are finding ways & means to bring her down by saying…
*it’s against GES rules to take pics of the kids..
*she is using the kids to take money from people.
*she is using the “school feeding” as her own. (meanwhile the Bowls,Eggs plus drinks are provided by her)
When she started it and she was using her money,did u people have issue with it?
y’all saw what she was doing but decided not to care.Now that she is going viral u people wanna do this to her? hur!!!! is jealousy or witchcraft??? 🤦🏾‍♀️
This lady we are talking about just made a Tailor come to take measurements of the needy students and they are going to get new uniforms by tomorrow oo.. hur!!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️
Now,helping the needy is a “crime” in GES books.
we are all waiting for the outcome of the reason why u people have called her. Enough is enough!!!!!”.
See screenshot below;
Screenshot 2021 03 12 113504 Screenshot 2021 03 12 113559

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