Ghana And Political Talk

Ghana And Political Talk

The NDC and NPP’s have become a hall name in Ghana meanwhile there are other political parties in the country.

Politics in Ghana is no different from a football match. When you walk in the street of Accra, you will get to know the love people have for his or her political party.

I see politics to be fun and a joke in the country sometimes well maybe and some other part of Africa as a whole. The Ghanaian community is made up of some crazy political fella’s and thinkers.

You just can’t imagine the extreme someone can go in cursing you if you joke or talk beyond their expectations.

My concern for politics in the country is not a personal one but I think within a mutual context, Ghanaians should also give other parties the chance to come into power so they can be accessed as well. I think parties in power should access based on corruption.

The country is ‘Akuffo Addo and Mahama’ now. You can attest to that fact, if you have any other opinion too, you can share it to boycott mine.

The country is now made up of the agenda of the NPP and NDC and everyone knows that. You can disagree with me and lay down your facts as well.