‘Comparing The Mother Of My Twins To My Ex-wife, My Ex-wife Looks Like An Angel To Me’ – Funny Face

Funny Face feels betrayed by the mother of his twins and this has made him compare his baby mama to his ex-wife and it seems his ex-wife.

funny face

Taking to Instagram, Funny Face compared his baby mama to his ex-wife, Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim and he indicated he sees his ex-wife like an angel.

funny face and new baby mama
funny face

In his post, Funny Face wrote;

“Have u seen da wrath of an “ EMOTIONAL FATHER “ who has been betrayed by the only woman who gave him children .. da trust , da faith and the love I have for her broken ..

cos she sold me to my enemies and bloggers to destroy me ..🙏❤️ I cant sleep .. da pain of not seeing my girls .. cos she left home with dem when I was away .. a woman who points gun on me to shoot and kill me at da slightest argument .. a woman who because gave you children is using da children against u ..

every little thing . “ by da time , u come from town .. I have gone to Kumasi with the children … THEN I HAVE TO KEEP QUITE . And continue doin yessa massa to her like dat .. if she likes she should also say “ FIIM FIIM “ she go hear am .. 😢😢 I have suffered for years … because of my choice of women ..

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“ I LIKE WOMEN WITH BIG BUTTOCKS TOO MUCH “ 😢😀 buttocks is good for da economy .. buttocks clears road 😀👍 it gives moral .. but when a who doesn’t think deep has one .. it causes distraction ..

Funny Face
Funny Face

ASWEAR #ELLAandBELLA’s mother compared to my Ex wife ? Chaiii she makes my ex wife .. seems to be an Angel 👼 ❤️🙏 .. Am cleaning my heart and clensing my soul .. am in pain .. So anything dat crosses me I will destroy it .. because she is da mother of my children and she is 3 months pregnant for me again ..

so I have to think of da future of my girls .. so I will only say 1 percent today .. if she feels like saying “ FIIM FIIM “ too let her come and say it ..

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like she go feel am .. will always love and appreciate da fact dat .. thru JEHOVAHS help AND JEHOVAH using u as a vessel through which I got my #ELLAandBELLA .. but one thing I won’t stand or take is selling me to my enemies and bloggers to destroy me .. Did u really think before doin dat ? Wao ..

LIL WIN am soo angry at u because .. you have destroyed my home .. whiles going through dis pain .. den u some stupid people sit on social media and insult me .. you will loose something dear and close to ur heart for u to feel my pain some ..

just wait and see .. it started from da day I cried .. am a strong person .. so for dis to get to me and give me sleepless night dis 4 days .. I will massacre anybody who comes my way ! Simple 😡”

Funny Face

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