Funny Face Curses Lilwin’s ‘Girlfriend’ Sandra Ababio

Many taught the social media beef between Lilwin, Funny Face and Sandra Ababio have found its way in the soils but shockingly, it has erupted once again, and this time around its tougher.

Earlier this morning Funny Face sent a stern warning to Lilwin’s alleged girlfriend Sandra Ababio.

Well, the Ghanaian comedian cum producer Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng better known as Funny Face has thrown another shot to Sandra Ababio.

Taking to her Instagram page, she shared a picture of the beautiful actress and dished out his anger in accordance.

His post reads;

“”Sandra Ababio .. You will understand da meaning of KASOA VANDAMME soon .. you know I love women pass anything because ur useless boyfriend Ntekuma Lil win told u abt my kinda women and class I like .. but u have da audacity to come and lie to da public dat am gay… apuuuu .. but u came to lie to tarnish my image .. and secretly came to apologize to me behind closed doors .. da cross u are carrying on ur head u have no idea .. my GOD will strike you soon ???? wait and see!! KASOA VANDAMME “EI GO OVER YOU,” he captioned the post on his page.

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