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Sad Video: Funny Face Breaks Down On Live TV When Talking About Her Girls, Ella And Bella

Comic on-screen character Funny Face made watchers of Ghone’s Rythmz Live pitiful as he was unable to control himself while discussing his young ladies, Ella and Bella.

As per Funny Face, he hasn’t seen his child young ladies for the past six(6) weeks which is extremely hard for him thinking about how he includes them in all that he does including his music and other work stuffs.

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Funny Face

The children’s president proceeded to state he has not been wild on the kids’ mom in light of his infant young ladies since he wouldn’t need them to grow up and come and see all that on the web.

During the interview, the host, Regina Van Helvert requested that Funny Face look in the camera and convey a message to his child young ladies.


It was during this second the comic on-screen character separated in tears leaving everybody watching dismal including the host directing the show.

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Entertaining Face anyway figured out how to talk as tears despite everything streamed which made the entire scene an enthusiastic one.


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