‘Forgery Allegations By EC Is Not Enough To Disqualify Presidential Aspirants’ – Lawyer Justice Abdulai


‘Following the disqualification of the Five(4) candidates from contesting the december 7 election, Justice Abdulai, private legal practitioner, examining the evidence provided by the EC for disqualifying the candidates , he says the evidence is quite out of place.

The police Criminal investigation Department(CID) presented forensic evidence to the EC which lead to the disqualification of some of the presidential aspirants.

The evidence indicated that the disqualified aspirants forged signatures.

He made claims that the evidence is too lame and is not enough an evidence to warrant their ejection from the the list of qualified aspirants.
Mr Abdulai stated that “the forensic evidence presented by the EC from the Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is not sufficient according to the law.”

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He thinks the evidence is not sufficient requirement that satisfies the law pertaining to the disqualification of aspirants seeking to be elected as president.

The legal practitioner said “I think a proper way will mean that inviting persons whose signatures have been forged and the persons alleged to have forged the signature.”

He did speak about this after nineteen(19) individual were alleged to have support both Convention People’s Party (CPP)’s candidate and Kofi Koranteng, an independent presidential aspirant.
From the horse’s owm mouth, Mr Abdulai said:
“It is possible a person might have signed a different signature under different circumstance or would have appended the same signature and gotten a percentage of it wrong considering the platform used and such an allegation do not wash and the allegation should be based on well-executed investigation since such claim can lead to the arrest of the suspected persons.“Coming out with such conclusion should not leave any doubt, you do not come out with such conclusive statement and disqualify a person who holds the destiny of the Republic in his hands, potentially,”

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And finally maintains that it is utterly wrong for the EC to make such a decision and needs to take a second look.