File Witness Statement Else We’ll Struck Out Your Petition – Supreme Court To Mahama

The Supreme court has surrendered John Mahama’s legal counselors to Wednesday 27 January 2021 to file their witness statements else their petition be struck out.

The Supreme Court has taken steps to summon its forces including tossing out the 2020 election petition by former President John Mahama if the candidate’s legal advisors neglect to file their witness statement.

The seven-member panel hearing the political decision appeal has given legal advisors of the petitioner (Mahama) by close of Wednesday 27 January 2021 to record their observer proclamations else it will be constrained to conjure its forces.

Mahama’s legal advisors neglected to follow the Supreme Court’s underlying requests to file statements of five witnesses on 21 January 2021.

All things considered, he filed an application seeking to stay proceedings at the Supreme Court until his application for review of the Supreme Court’s decision on an earlier application for interrogatories has been heard.

The first respondent (the EC) filed one witness statement in support of its case. The witness is the EC chair, Jean Mensa. The second respondent, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, by a power of attorney dated 15 January 2021 appointing Peter Mac Manu to testify on his behalf, has also filed one witness statement.

On Tuesday (26 January) the Supreme Court did not take kindly to the petitioner’s disregard to its orders, serving notice it will be compelled to crack the whip if the petitioner returns to court on Thursday without filing his witness statement.

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