VIDEO: Female MP Forced Out Of Parliament For Wearing Tight Trousers After Male Colleague’s Protest

A new video going viral on the internet sees a Tanzanian female MP forced out of parliament for wearing a tight seductive pair of trousers.

A Tanzania female MP identified as Condester Sichwale (Momba MP) was kicked out by Speaker Job Ndugai on Tuesday, June 1, after a complaint voiced by another MP over her dressing.

Nyang’wale MP Hussein Amar, who is from the same party as Sichwale, spoke against her dressing just after a session of questions and answers, according to Global Publishers.

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In a video shared extensively on social media, Amar could be heard speaking against his colleague, noting the parliament was a mirror of society; hence they needed to be a good example.

“Parliament is a mirror of society and Tanzania, and some of our sisters are wearing strange clothes and are legislators. What are they showing to society?” Amar said amid cheers from the rest.

Speaker Ndugai asked that he names who he was referring to, and he did this by giving directions and the colour of her outfit, at no time mentioning her name.

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Ndugai politely asked the female MP to leave and dress properly to be allowed back in parliament.

Watch the video below;

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