Family Of Fella Makafui Sends Warning To Sister Derby (Screnshot)

Family of Fella Makafui have registered their anger at Sister Derby over her constant jabs at Fella for marrying Medikal.

On multiple occasions, Sister Derby has shown that she hates Fella Makafui who reportedly snatched Medikal from Derby.

The two ladies have publicly fought over one man for several months and even now that Medikal has settled down they are still fighting.

Sister Derby has released a song dubbed ‘Sweet Ex’ which is targetted at Fella and she has also responded with ‘Over’

Amidst the social media fights, the jabs and diss songs, Family of Fella Makafui seem not to like what is going on.

According to leak chat, the family members of Fella Makafui from the Volta Region are not happy with the turns of event and so have decided to deal with Sister Derby.

From what the close family member revealed to blogger Aba_the_Great, Fella has been secretly crying over the way Sister Derby keeps coming at her.

He claims that Fella has just been acting on social media as though everything is normal but she has been weeping indoors.

For this reason, the family is warning Derby to leave the young couple to have the enjoyment marriage comes with.

They have also warned that if Sister Derby refuses to stop tormenting Fella Makafui, then they will come after her.

See screenshots below:

sister derby fella makafui mediakl

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