Covid-19: Excerpts Of President Akufo-Addo’s 23rd Address

President Akufo-Addo yesterday conveyed his 23rd Covid-19 update to the country.

The nation saw an extreme decrease in dynamic cases getting to the last piece of a year ago.

Right now, Ghana’s dynamic cases remain at 4,665 with the loss of life at 405. Many had raised concerns with respect to the returning of schools and a prohibition on huge social events as a reason for the flood.

Below are some of the key excerpts from the President’s speech tonight;

1.About 416 people have died so far. Active cases stand at 5300

2.The number of critically and severely ill is 172 and hospitals full.

  1. The average daily rate stands at 700. 
  2. The situation will get dire if measures are not put in place.
  3. Funerals, parties are banned till further notice
  4. Private burials of not more than 25 people are allowed
  5. Beaches, pubs are to be shut till further notice
  6. All workplaces must employ shift systems.
  7. Conferences can take place but safety protocols adhered to

10.The GFA and Sports Authority must make sure that protocols are adhered to.

  1. Churches and mosques should adhere to the safety protocols strictly 
  2. There will be random checks from security personnel at public centers.
  3. Borders remain shut.
  4. Covid-19 tests are free. Anyone experiencing symptoms should visit the hospitals.

15.Covid-19 tests are now pegged at $50 for ECOWAS member countries. For others, it remains $150.

  1. A lot of work is being done to get the vaccines and vaccinate the entire country. By end of June 17,600,000 vaccines will be in the country. the first batch will come in by March ending.
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