Ex-Wife Of Apraku My Daughter Finally Speaks After His Death (VIDEO)

The ex-wife of late Apraku My Daughter has finally spoken after her former husband’s untimely demise which has shocked all of us.

Apraku My Daughter, yesterday, May 20, 2020 was confirmed to have been found dead in his room at Kasoa.

Though the cause of his death is not yet established, many believe he could have died from hunger.

Earlier on one daughter of the late preacher spoke to the media and described how they found their father dead.

You can watch all that his daughter and his friend Prophet Kumchcha said in the video HERE.

Now the ex-wife of Apraku My Daughter has also spoken and opened up on how she warned Apraku but he never listened.

According to her, she has been warning her late husband over something, though she did not state the exact thing.

In an interview with Kofi TV, the ex-wife of Apraku My Daughter explained that her ex-husband would have been alive today if he had listened to her.

ex-wife of Apraku My Daughter

“I am very sad. I have gone inside the room and I saw him lying there. If he had listened to my advice he would have been alive by now” she said.

“It wouldn’t have ended this way. I spoke to him many times but he didn’t listen and I couldn’t force him so I had to break up and move on with my life,” Ex-wife of Apraku My Daughter added.

She also stated that, she still had a good relationship Apraku because of their children even though they are divorced.

She revealed that, she asked her children to go and check on him after his video surfaced on the internet only to find him dead.

Watch as the ex-wife of Apraku My Daughter speaks in the video below

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