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Empress Gifty Descends On Cecilia Marfo Over The Microphone Snatching Saga

Empress gifty

Singer Empress Gifty has waded into the ‘uncalled for’ action that transpired on stage during an annual thanksgiving ceremony organized by the Unity group of companies.

Barely a week ago, gospel musician Cecilia Marfo became the talk of the town after she jumped onto a stage just to snatch a microphone from Joyce blessing who was ministering.

According to Cecilia Marfo, Joyce Blessing has sinned against God and she should return to his husband.

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The act which has since been christened as an embarrassment to Madam Blessing has caught the attention of many Ghanaians and the lastest to join the toll is Empress Gifty.

To her, if indeed Miss Marfo had such a prophecy, the most appropriate way of transmission should have been the backdoor, not in front of thousands of congregants present and online.

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She said she went through similar stigmatization from Miss Marfo when she announced her divorce to the extent that singer Marfo ordered that they should not play her (Gifty’s) songs in her church.

“Divorce is not a curse: I don’t understand why someone should be ashamed because she decided to pack out of a union that is not working. Spirituality does not revolve around marriage. This is the reason why fornicators and liars fake to be righteous just to be seen as Holy Ghost-filled,” she said in high tempers.

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The Aseda composer said if singer Marfo is not called to order, more women will fall victim to her ‘evil ways’.

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