Electoral Commission Commits Another Mistake In Their ‘Recess Update’ Press Release

The Electoral Commission has committed yet another mistake in their Latest press release on their Christmas and New year ‘Recess’.

In the release, Electoral Commission said ‘Following the successful conduct of the 2020 general elections, all the field staff of the Electoral Commission across the 275 districts and 16 regional capitals, having worked tirelessly throughout the year in spite of COVID-19, have been granted a well deserved break.

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Now the keyword of mistake here is “275 districts”. Ghana doesn’t have up to 275 districts. As it stands, the country has 260 districts.

See Post Below;

Electoral Commission

It’s obvious that the Electoral Commission was referring to the 275 constituencies.

Electoral Commission


We all do mistake and it’s obvious this is just a simple one that we can all overlook.

However, the consistency of mistakes coming from the Electoral Commission has become an issue of concern to Ghanaians.

It all started when the Electoral Commission came out to confess that the presidential results as declared by the Electoral commission Chairperson, Jean Mensa was plagued by some mathematical errors.

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