Dumsor Was The Main Reason Kumawood Industry Started Collapsing – Akrobeto

Akrobeto explained that the local filmmakers started facing problems after the Dumsor was at its peak which made the situation worse and many became jobless.

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Speaking on United Showbiz on UTV with Nana Ama Macbrown as the host accompanied by some actors and actresses from the Kumawood Industry, Akrobeto emphasized that their businesses and career started cramping because it was almost impossible for them to work as they used to.


akrobeto added that during the erratic power supply era, people were not even buying the movies because they weren’t able to watch it due to the Dumsor and filmmakers also wasn’t able to push more content out for the viewers.

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Akrobeto comment came on the neck of the low patronage of local movies because people believe that it lacked the quality which led to the death of the industry.


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