Don’t Speak In Your Anger – Mr. Boadu Advises.


At a workshop organized by the National Peace Council and the National Media Commission, Mr. Boadu-Ayeboafoh, Chairman for the National Media Commission advised that one should desist from talking at all cost when angry.

“Any utterances one makes while angry might not be conducive. You have to think of the implications of any form of word that comes out of your lips”, Mr. Boadu advised.

The workshop was mainly organized to provide details on a document entitled “Hate Speech”, to assist media persons to identify hate speech and prevent it.

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Mr. Boadu advised that social media practitioners should ensure that whatever they say are based on facts that can be defended. Words from Journalists should not hurt the feelings and emotions of others, he explained.

Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Mr. Maulvi Mohammed said hate speech accounted to disruption of peace and stability in the country, as well as unhygienic social relations among others. “Hate speech” is an attack on individual’s rights and principles, it defies tolerance itself”, he explained.

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“Media house owners, Journalists, Reporters and News anchors should all come together in our fight against hate speech”, Mr. Maulvi pleaded.

Everyone should pursue tolerance. We must learn to respect each other’s views sine they might differ. We have to be extra careful of our words.