Don’t let the NDC Blindfold you– Samira to Zongo communities

In her message to the zongo communities , the second lady of the land, samira Bawumia is encouraging the residents of the Zongo fraction of the country to pay no listening ear to the promises the National Democratic congress is making.
In her claims, she believes the New patriotic party through its actions gives a signal that people living in zongos are of optimum importance to them. She thinks this is evident from the numerous projects that the NPP had undertaken to improve the lives of the people of the zongos since it took power in 2017.
She is quoted to have said ,“Don’t let the NDC throw dust into your eyes by deceiving you to vote for the NDC at the December poll. The NDC cannot develop your communities not to even talk of improving the living conditions of the people.”
It is also reported by on october 20.2020 that she said the NPP is part and parcel of the zongos and it is the only political party that can bring development to the zongo communities.
She goes further to shoot a line by urging them to erase the idea of voting NDC in their mind and massively vote in favour of the NPP. So is her wish come december 7.

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