Details On The Arrest Of Popular Ghanaian Dancer Incredible Zigi Revealed (Video)

Zigi Arrested

As news of popular Ghanaian Dancer, Zigi’s arrest broke yesterday, nobody knew the reason for his arrest, but Fillabase found out why Zigi was arrested.

A video was seen with the public figure in cuffs and bound to a nearby burglar-proof with some police guarding him and others going about their duties.

After his release, Zigi stated on his social media pages that he was arrested by Ghanaian police because of his looks.

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In his words, the police thought he was a scammer or a Yahoo Boy because he wore locks and had piercings.

He expressed shock in the video saying he still cannot comprehend why he would be arrested for dressing in a certain way, adding that what Nigerians fighting over in their country is happening to him in Ghana.

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Zigi also revealed that he was made to pay some monies to the police so that he could be free, an act which the law frowns against.

Watch him tell his story below.

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