Counsellor Lutterodt Was Right, Guru Finally Confirms He Is Depressed

Counsellor Lutterodt Was Right, Guru Confirms He Is Depressed

‘Depressed’ Ghanaian rapper, Guru NKZ has dropped a diss song for Kuami Eugene titled – Who Born Dog. confirming counsellor Lutterodt’s statement about him.

For once, I have had no choice but to agree with Counsellor Lutterodt that Guru is depressed and is still battling depression.

Indeed the ‘Lapaz Toyota’ singer has just confirmed that in a diss song he has released targeting Kuami Eugene.

We all know that in the past few days, Lynx Entertainment Boss – Richie, Eugene and NKZ have been in the news following a comment Eugene made in an interview.

Eugene’s comment suggested he would not collaborate with Guru because he has disrespected the Lynx Boss, Richie Mensah.

This did not sit so well with the dead career rapper and that he came out to write a whole book on Facebook addressing Kuami Eugene’s statement.

As if that was not enough, NKZ moved from one media house to the other granting interviews and displaying how painful Eugene’s comment was.

Richie Mensah, for the first time, came out to explain his side of the story and even after that NKZ went round ranting on radio and on social media – a clear sign of depression.

We all thought the issue was buried after Nana Ama McBrown, host of United Showbiz on UTV called Richie into the show while Guru was a guest and settled their differences.

Surprisingly, we woke up only to hear a wack diss song from Guru directed to Kuami Eugene, Lynx Entertainment and Richie Mensah.

This is a clear sign that what Counsellor Lutterodt said was true. The rapper is depressed and needs counselling.

First of all, what Kuami Eugene said, should not have caused NKZ to rant because there was no way Eugene could work with him if his label boss – Richie does not approve.

Who works with an entity or a person against his boss’ approval when he knows he is under a label with a contract knowing he can be in trouble should he do things his way and not the label’s way? Guru should answer this.

Also, the issue was buried on national TV and they both agreed they held nothing against each other and even suggested they could still work in the future so why the diss song now?

Clearly, Guru is refusing to accept the reality of times and seasons that is hitting him hard. His time is passed, his career is dead, this is a hard reality he has to accept.

It is Kuami Eugene‘s time now, he should allow him and the other young musicians to reign, he should just be smart and collaborate with them so he can share in their shine.

His only motive for dropping a diss song after a case has been settled and trying to ride on the buzz around the beef with Lynx is just to resurrect his dead career.

Unfortunately for him, the diss song – Who Born Dog is not even nice. No serious musician will record such trash and call it a diss song. Click HERE to listen to the song, you will agree with me.

These are clear indications of what Guru is battling. Counsellor Lutterodt was right after all, for the first time I have come to an agreement with him.

Below is what Counsellor Lutterodt said about Guru NKZ and Mzvee.