Colors and Their Importance In National Elections.


Africans seem to give much importance to colors and symbols of Political Parties during elections. However, in the western countries, colors and symbols are not seen to be that significant. Dr. Mshai Mwangola, a performance scholar in Kenya accounted.

Here in Ghana, people have a whole lot of meanings to the symbols and colors of the Political Parties.

The National Democratic Congress has their colors to be white, red and green. The interpretation to their symbol which is an umbrella is that, “You can find shade under an umbrella during difficult times”.

The New Patriotic Party also has their colors to be red, blue and white. Their symbol which is an elephant signifies “When you are in trouble, go under the elephant and you are good. You can bulldoze whatever problem you have on the way with an elephant”.

There are general meanings to some of the colors. Red symbolizes the blood that was lost; Black signifies the people and green is for the natural vegetation. However, yellow is for the rich natural wealth.

The power of color and symbols in electoral campaigning cannot be underestimated in African countries. Dr. Isaac Owusu Mensah, Senior lecturer in Department of Political Science at University of Ghana explained.