Comedian Clemento Suarez Predicts When The Lockdown Will End

Ghanaian comedian, Clemento Suarez, in a recent Facebook post has made a bold prediction about the lockdown in Ghana and in his view, Ghana’s lockdown will end in June.


Making his prediction, Clemento Suarez also advised that the time used at home should be used judiciously instead of thinking this whole thing will end early for us to go back to our normal activities.

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Clemento Suarez
Clemento Suarez

Clemento Suarez is of the few Ghanaian celebrities who have commented on the effects of the Coronavirus lockdown in Ghana.

Clemento Suarez
Clemento Suarez

In his post, Clemento Suarez wrote;

“Fellow Ghanaians, y3 redi agoro no na y3 refa adwene.

Cases are going up and from the look of things this lockdown will be for 2 more months(very possible)

You just have to move some small steps ahead of the president’s directive and you will know the times in which we are.

First, he closed down schools. He didn’t close jobs but you looking further, you realise that closing schools meant children coming and staying home.

Children staying home meant someone has to be home to take care of them. One would need essentials to be home with the whole family. Right away,I knew there was going be a lockdown.

There came a partial lockdown. Do you think if next week or next month you are able to go back to work and your normal day to day activities the government will pay your water and electricity bills for you????

Or you think the president will come back on TV and say “now that everything is normal you will continue paying your bills from May”?

No June is June. Meaning we are going to be like this till June.

It is not a pleasant thing for the world and we must do something about it.

Now that we are all home,I think we should be proactive both physically and spiritually.

1. Restock the house with food and “the essentials

2. Let us do our own fasting and prayers. We shouldn’t wait for the president to declare a day for us. Let’s pray for God to heal our land. Thank you.

I believe we shall surely come back to normal by July or August. Let’s keep hopes alive. Keep the faith and we shall surely sail through

Use the season to learn new things. Learn French, sign language, marketing, excel, DJing, drawing and painting, photography,fifa or other games you can play with your partners etc
Exercise as well

Let’s come out upgraded and reformed
I love you all. keep the NYANSAPO FREE SHOW in mind. We shall surely bring back the love We thank God for how far he has brought us. May His will be done.”

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