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Christians Mark Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

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Christians across the world are celebrating Easter Sunday, also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The New Testament reveals that the resurrection Sunday occurred on the third day after His burial, following His crucifixion on Good Friday by the Romans at Calvary.

It is said that believers celebrate Jesus Christ’s defeat of death through His resurrection creating hope of salvation for humanity.

According to the Christian tradition, the death of Jesus Christ paid for the sins of humanity, while His resurrection symbolized believers’ anticipation of having their own resurrection.

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Many Christians across the globe celebrate the day with special church services, candlelight and ringing church bells.

In Philippines and Spain for instance, processions are held on this day.

In Ghana too, some believers hold processions Sunday dawn ‘searching’ for the risen Christ.

In the gospel, Mary Magdalene visited the tomb, where Jesus was buried and found it empty.

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However, an angel told her that, Jesus had risen. For this reason, Christians have celebrated his resurrection for centuries.

Though this year’s celebration is restrained due to Covid-19 pandemic, churches are expected to hold services, many, virtually.


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