Children In Kindergarten, Primary And JHS Will Be Back In School On 15th January – Akufo Addo

akufo-addo covid-19 Mali

Nana Akufo Addo yesterday in his 21st update to the nation about the means taken by his administration to control the spread of the lethal Covid has reported the date that schools should continue.

As indicated by the president, students from the Kindagatern to JHS in both public and non-public schools should be resume on January 15 whiles Form 2 and 3 Senior High Schools will return on January 18.

Since the episode of the destructive Covid in the nation a year ago, the President requested that all schools be shut down to restrict the spread of the infection after some foundation recorded cases.

He, however, noted that the Double Track system will end for SHS 1 and 3 understudies after the public authority extended foundation in the current schools the nation over.

Meanwhile, SHS 2 understudies will proceed with the double-track system on resuming.