Chief Director Of The Nungua Warehouse Saves The Day By Paying A Debt Worth Ghc 10,026.70.


Oswald, a 24 year old boy had a fatal accident which got his wrist chopped off on February 8, at the Nungua town park, in the Greater Accra Region.

It all happened when this boy decided to have a glimpse of the inter-school sporting activities that took place at the Nungua Park.

In the course of the sports activity, a misunderstanding ensued leading to a chaotic situation at the Park. Things became so violent that people had no option than to escape for their dear lives.

Unfortunately for Oswald, he got mistook for one of the students. In the course of attack, he had his wrist chopped off.

This gentleman got to the LEKMA hospital successfully by help of one Samaritan who witnessed all that happened. Oswald received treatment and was later transferred to the plastic surgery unit at the Korle But Teaching Hospital.

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The Surgeons at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital succeeded in reconstructing the amputated wrist of Oswald. This success was achieved within 16 days of admission.

However, Oswald’s family could not afford the hospital bill. Due to this, he had to stay at the hospital from the day of discharge through to October.

Mr. Sebastian Ampah, the Assembly member for Makwedjor Electoral Area, where Oswald lived, went to seek assistance from Mr. Okley Otoo in paying for Oswald’s hospital bills.

Mr. Collins Okley Otoo, a Chief Executive Officer of the Nungua Warehouse, paid out a debt of Ghc 10,026.70 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to free Oswald Kito from the hospital. Mr. Collins said his attention was brought to the predicament of Oswald.

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On an interview with, Oswald happily expressed how he was now okay, and could undertake certain chores.

Investigations are still ongoing to arrest all the criminals who were behind this event. The case is still under care of the Kpeshie Divisional Command. It has been heard that the said criminals are on a run.

The general public can also help in locating the perpetrators for Justice to be delivered.