Checkout Five Reasons Secondary School Girls Are Having Boyfriends

The world is changing, it is becoming more complex. Back in those days, there are some things we are not allowed to do, like a secondary school girl student having a boyfriend.

Fast forward to 2020, you can see small girls having boyfriends when they are supposed to study hard in school. It is due to these five reasons below:

1: Lack of good parental guidance

Failure of some parents to guide their wards is a big factor, why will you give birth and not care about them. If you train them in the proper way, they won’t be thinking of having boyfriends.

2: Peer Pressure

Girls that were not interested in having boyfriends later do due to peer pressure.

3: Lack Of Basic Needs

A child who was not catered for and lacks basic essential needs will be left with no choice but to have a boyfriend. They will be forced and coerced by their friends to have a boyfriend that will take care of them, give them money. Please if you are a parent reading this article, please take care of your girls before they bring disgrace and shame to you.

4: Friends

There is a saying that if you move with a corrupt friend, you will also become corrupt. Parents need to pay attention and watch who our girls are friends with. Don’t let them be in the midst of bad friends.

5: Foolishness’s due to being a teen

The kids think they are wise when they are foolish sometimes, being a teenager, they feel like they are adults already and can do whatever they like, discipline them if necessary.

Home training is essential if we want our girls not to have boyfriends, get pregnant and lose focus on their goals in life. Parents should please train their kids properly.

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