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More Drama As Bride, Abena Obiatopa Reacts To Husband’s Ex Who Is Planning To Spoil Their Wedding

Abena Obiatopa bride

A Ghanaian bride, Abena Obiatopa, a bride has reacted to his husband’s ex who is planning to ruin their wedding.

Fillabase.com posted a story yesterday about a lady who has vowed to ruin her ex wedding tomorrow 20th March 2021.

If you did not read the story, you can read it now Screenshots: Lady Vows To Ruin The Wedding Ceremony Of Her Boyfriend Who Left Her To Marry Another Lady

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News reaching fillabase.com is that the Abena Obiatopa has finally reacted to the claims trending on social media.

The bride calls her husband to be “Kofi Matopa”. This literally means the guy is a guru in bed.

The bride to be is a whole vibe as her message shows she is not bothered about the other lady’s issue one bit.

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Abena Obiatopa is hopeful that the wedding is coming off live and coloured tomorrow and no one can ruin it so the ex can bring it on.

This simply means tomorrow will be dramatic and we can’t wait to see what happens next.


See the post below…

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