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Who Invented Blow up dolls? Why Were Blow Up dolls Invented?

Who invented blow up dolls? why were blow-up dolls invented?. These and many others are questions people keep asking.

This article will attempt to answer the questions above and provide more insight into what blow-up dolls are used for and even if they are safe to use.

Before we get into answering these questions, the details below are something very interesting that you need to know.

What are Blow up Dolls?

Blow up dolls are sex toys that are made in the form of an inflatable life-size doll. These dolls come in different sizes, forms, and sexes.

Who Invented Blow up Dolls?

The actual inventor of blow-up dolls is not known, though there are lots of questions about who invented these inflatable sex toys.

It is rumored that the first-ever blow-up dolls to be produced are specifically credited to Dutch sailors in the 17th century.

These Dutch sailors are said to have used a doll made of cloth to relieve sexual tension during long sea voyages.

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Though the Dutch sailors are said to have used it, the first to have them documented was psychiatrists Iwan Bloch.

Iwan Bloch wrote about blow-up dolls in his 1908 book publication titled “The Sexual Life of Our Time”.  The book gave a description of inflated dolls as those that are to be used for sexual purposes.

As the world advanced, more and more companies began to venture into the production of sex toys and the area has seen a spike in recent years.

Today, inflated sex toys are available worldwide and one can access them from various online shopping and physical shopping stores.

Blow up Dolls: Who Invented Them? Why Were Blow Up dolls Invented?
Who Invented Blow up Dolls? Why Were Blow Up dolls Invented?

Did Adolf Hitler Invent Blow Up Dolls?

No, Adolf Hitler did not invent blow up dolls. There is also a common rumor out there that German war leader Adolf Hitler invented inflated sex dolls.

It is said that during the era of World War II, Adolf Hitler asked that sex dolls be made available to German troops.

This, according to what has been read online, was inspired by Heinrich Himmler’s 1940 report to Adolf Hitler which reported the presence of syphilis in Paris.

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To prevent the spread of Syphilis among troops, they were supplied with dolls.” The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores,” he wrote in the report.

Adolf Hitler is reported to have agreed that sex dolls be given to the German soldiers to quench their hunger for sex.

Why were Blow up Dolls Invented?

Blow-up dolls were basically invented to be used for s* xual purposes. Today dolls are still referred to as Dutch wives in Japan because Dutch traders sold these dolls in Japan.

Japanese men bought these dolls and in some instances ordered that they be made in the images of their wives so they can have them in the absence of their wives.

How Much is a Blow up Doll?

Blow up dolls’ prices differ. Whereas there are some cheap ones on the market, especially the ones imported from China, there are also very expensive ones.

Very cheap dolls can cost you a few dollars. However, some inflatable dolls are made from very sophisticated technologies such as skeletal materials and silicone blends and they may cost you nothing less than $10,000.

Male and Female Blow up Dolls?

Blow-up s*x dolls come in different sexes, sizes and forms. There are both male and female blow-up dolls available on the market.

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Where Can I Buy Blow up Doll?

You can easily buy blow-up dolls in either walk-in stores or from different online stores. Currently, there are so many online stores for buying dolls.

The likes of Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress, and many other country-specific know online shops offer the sales of dolls.

Are Blow up Dolls Safe to Use?

Generally, inflated sex dolls should be safe to use. However, the material from which they were made can make them unsafe for use.

The most common material from which dolls are made include the one listed below;

  • Silicone
  • TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Metal or PVC (This isn’t actually on the skin of the doll, but rather internally supporting their skeletons)
  • Vinyl
  • Latex
  • Fabric/Cloth
  • Rubber

Sex dolls made from silicone have been proven to be the safest to use. If your doll is not made of silicon that can be unsafe.

Silicone is non-porous and for that matter, any dirt or bacteria that get onto your doll won’t be able to seep into the pores of the material.

Also, silicon’s porosity will make it easy for you to clean your doll thoroughly whenever you are done using it.

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