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Priscilla Presley Biography, Net Worth, Husband & Age

Priscilla Ann Presley professionally called Priscilla Presley is an American businesswoman and actress, best known for marrying Elvis Presley, with whom she had daughter Lisa Marie Presley.

Quick Facts

Net Worth:
$50 million
$3 million
Date of Birth:
May 24, 1945 (77 years old as of 2022)
Place of Birth:Brooklyn
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Profession:Writer, Businessperson, Actor, Television producer, Film Producer
Nationality:United States of American

Who is Priscilla Presley? (Biography)

priscilla presley bio
Priscilla Presley

Presley, the ex-wife of cultural icon Elvis Presley and mother of singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, was born on May 24, 1945 in Brooklyn, New York City in the United States of America.

She starred in three Naked Gun movies with Leslie Nielsen, and played the character Jenna Wade on the television series Dallas.

Presley founded Elvis Presley Enterprises, and helped to turn Graceland into a multimillion-dollar tourist attraction.

Priscilla was raised alongside her other half-siblings after her Dad passed on in a plane crash causing her mom Ann to remarry US Air Force Officer Paul Beaulieu.

Priscilla started her career on tv in 1980 as a co-host of Those Amazing Animals. Subsequently, she started her career as a professional actress in 1983 after starring in season two of The Fall Guy titled “Manhunter.

Early Life

Priscilla Presley’s father, James Wagner, was a US Navy pilot who was killed in an plane crash when Pricilla was only a few months old.

Her mother, Ann, remarried Paul Beaulieu, an Air Force officer, in 1948. Her family moved several times and was stationed in Germany when she was a teenager.

It was there, she met Elvis Presley in 1959, when she was 14. At that time, Elvis was serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

They began a romance, and Priscilla eventually followed Elvis to the United States.


Presley had begun studying acting while she was married to Elvis, and after a few TV appearances, she joined the cast of the hugely popular night-time soap opera Dallas. In 1984, she won a Soap Opera Digest Award for her role as Jenna Wade Krebbs (1983-88).

In 1985, Presley published the bestselling memoir Elvis and Me, and she produced the TV movie based on her book in 1988.

Presley then starred in three Naked Gun movies with Leslie Nielsen (between 1988 and 1994).

In the late 1990s, Presley started a line of fragrances, and developed a line of clothing and skin-care products.

In 2002, she was announced her intent to co-produce a musical theater production, Elvis and Priscilla, based on her romance with the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

In 2008, Presley garnered new fame, this time for her dancing skills, when she performed as a contestant on the hit series Dancing with the Stars (season 6).


Priscilla Presley attended the Immaculate Conception Cathedral School.


Priscilla Presley

Presley lived with boyfriend and Italian screenwriter Marco Garibaldi from 1984 to 2006. She and Garibaldi, who never married, have a son, Navaronne (b. 1987).

Presley now shares the joys of motherhood with daughter Lisa Marie, who has four children Danielle Riley, Benjamin, and twins Finley and Harper.

What is Priscilla Presley’s Net Worth?

The American actress has a net worth of $50 million dollars. Presley is most widely recognized for her marriage to Elvis Presley as well as her roles in “The Naked Gun” trilogy and “Dallas.”


To this day, Priscilla, now 77, has never remarried and she still refers to the music legend as “the love of my life”.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Priscilla is an American born in Brooklyn Naval Hospital in Brooklyn, New York City. Her Dad is German, along with Swiss-German, Scottish, Irish, and English whilst her mom is Norwegian English.

Height & Weight

The mother of two stands at a height of 5 ft 4 inches and weighs 56 kg.

How old is Priscilla Presley?

The Dallas movie star is 77 years old. She was born on May 24, 1945.

Source: Fillabase.com

James Hamblin Biography, Net Worth, Career, Education, Wife & Age

This article will focus much on the biography, net worth, career, children, wife, age and other relevant information regarding James Hamblin.

Quick Facts

Net Worth:
$1 Million – $5 Million
$ 24,292 – $ 72,507
Date of Birth:
16 August 1978 (44 years old)
Place of Birth:West Palm Beach, Florida
Height:5 feet and 8 inches
Profession:Writer, editor, physician
Nationality:United States of American


James Hamblin is an American Actor and Stunt Performer. He was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, and was raised in Washington, North Carolina.

He graduated from Campbell University where he competed on the NCAA Division I football team.

He also graduated with a Masters degree from Durham University, in the United Kingdom, where he competed on the university’s football team.

He got his start in film in the spring of 2014, working as a stunt double on a television pilot in Wilmington, North Carolina.

James Richard Hamblin professionally known as James Hamblin is an American physician specializing in public health and preventive medicine.

He is a former staff writer at The Atlantic, an author, and a lecturer in public health policy at Yale University.

Early Career & Education

Hamblin grew up in Munster, Indiana, and graduated from Munster High School. He received his undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University where he was a member of the Lilting Banshees comedy troupe.

Hamblin later graduated from the School of Medicine at Indiana University, then did his internship in internal medicine at Mount Auburn Hospital.

He began a residency as a radiologist at the Medical Center at the University of California, Los Angeles.

During his residency, Hamblin trained in improve at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

He says he was regularly mistaken for a student due to looking younger than his age, and has often been compared to the sitcom teenage genius Doogie Howser.

He later completed a residency in general preventive medicine at Griffin Hospital which is affiliated with Yale University.


James Hamblin

In 2012, he chose to pursue a career in media and joined The Atlantic and became the editor for its health channel, which had been launched in 2011.

In 2013, he created an online comedy video show about health and lifestyle topics on The Atlantic website called If Our Bodies Could Talk, for which he was a finalist for a Webby award for Best Web Personality/Host and was last produced in 2017.

He has been named among the 140 people to follow on Twitter by Time, and BuzzFeed has called him “the most delightful MD ever” in response to his work with that show.

He also authored If Our Bodies Could Talk, a nonfiction book about human health published by Doubleday.

His second book, Clean, was published by Riverhead. The New York Times Book Review named it an editor’s choice and Vanity Fair named among the best books of 2020.

Hamblin was a staff writer for The Atlantic magazine, where he was also a senior editor for five years.

He has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He has given talks at Harvard Medical School, Wharton School of Business, South by Southwest, and TEDMED.

In 2016, he served as moderator at the launch of the White House Precision Medicine Initiative where he interviewed President Barack Obama.

Hamblin is a past Yale University Poynter Fellow in journalism. He is board certified in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine.


In 2019, Hamblin married Sarah Freeman Yager, a managing editor of The Atlantic. They reside in Brooklyn, New York.

Net Worth

His net worth has been growing significantly in 2020-2021. James Hamblin’s income source is mostly from being a successful Cricketer. We have estimated James Hamblin’s net worth, money, salary, income, and assets between $1 Million and $5 Million.


The status of James having children is currently unknown.

Where does James Hamblin live?

Because of security reasons, He has not shared his precise location of residence. We will immediately update this information if we get the location and images of his house.

Source: Fillabase.com

Joe Rogan Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Children & All You Need To Know

Joseph James Rogan professionally called Joe Rogan is an American UFC color commentator, podcaster, comedian, actor, and former television presenter.

He hosts The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast in which he discusses current events, comedy, politics, philosophy, science, and hobbies with a variety of guests.

Quick Facts

Net Worth:
$120 Million
$60 Million
Date of Birth:
Aug 11, 1967 (55 years old)
Place of Birth:Newark
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)
Profession:Actor, Announcer, Commentator, Martial Artist, Screenwriter, Television presenter, Film Producer, Comedian
Nationality:United States of American


Joe Rogan net worth

Joe Rogan was born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. He grew up with a keen interest in martial arts.

While he had a small career as an amateur fighter, fear of injuries made him hang his gloves up at the age of 21.

He started a career as a stand-up comic in Boston, which eventually led to him having a career on TV.

Rogan signed a developmental contract with Disney in 1994 and appeared on various networks such as NBC and Fox as an actor in sitcoms.

After relocating to Los Angeles in 1994, he signed an exclusive developmental deal with Disney and appeared as an actor on several television shows, including Hardball and News Radio.

In 1997, he started working for the UFC as an interviewer and color commentator. He released his first comedy special, I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday…, in 2000 and hosted the game show Fear Factor from 2001 to 2006.

After leaving Fear Factor, Rogan focused on his stand-up career and hosted more comedy specials.

He launched The Joe Rogan Experience in 2009; by 2015, it was one of the most popular podcasts in the world, regularly receiving millions of plays per episode.

Spotify obtained exclusive distribution rights to The Joe Rogan Experience in 2020 for US$200 million.


While Rogan had already appeared on UFC programming, his first foray into mainstream popularity came with Fear Factor.

Rogan accepted to host the show as it would help inspire him to have content for his shows.

It isn’t coincidental that Rogan’s stand-up gigs became national after they saw him host Fear Factor.

The show ended in 2006, but is still considered a part of American TV lore. Rogan will forever be tied to that ambitious TV project.

Rogan debuted as an interviewer for the UFC at UFC 12. He continued working with the promotion for a few years until he left due to low pay.

However, Rogan was brought back in 2001 when the UFC was bought by Zuffa. He agreed to do shows for just a bunch of tickets because he was such a fan of the sport.

Political position

Joe Rogan net worth
Joe Rogan net worth

In 2020, CNN described Rogan as “libertarian-leaning”. Rogan has said that he holds a wide variety of political views and does not easily fall on any particular side of the political spectrum.

He has described himself as socially liberal, saying that he supports same-sex marriage, gay rights, women’s rights, recreational drug use, universal health care, and universal basic income, but also supports gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Rogan describes himself as a strong supporter of freedom of speech, and has criticized cancel culture and what he perceives to be suppression of those who hold right-wing views in the television and film industry.

He has also criticized what he describes as an American foreign policy of military adventurism.

Rogan endorsed Ron Paul in the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign and voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

He endorsed Bernie Sanders during the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries,[90] but ended up voting for Jo Jorgensen in the general election.

Rogan has criticized political polarization in the United States and accused American liberals of hoping for former U.S. President Donald Trump to fail simply because they disliked his persona. [non-primary source needed]

Rogan has said that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would be “a good president”, adding that “what he’s done for Florida has been admirable.”

Rogan opposes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling him “a fucking dictator” and called Canada “communist” while admitting that he has “zero understanding” of Canada’s system. Rogan also said that he liked Trudeau prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.


He attended Newton South High School, from which he graduated, and later attended the University of Massachusetts Boston only to drop out midway through his studies.

Rogan’s first stand-up routine was in 1988, at a Stitches comedy club during an open mic night.


Joe Rogan is married to 44-year-American tv producer, model, and former cocktail waitress, Jessica Ditzel. The two have been married since 2009 and live together to date.


Rogan has two children, all daughters with his wife Jessica. They are Rosy Rogan and Lola Rogan.

What is Joe Rogan’s salary?

He’s getting around $60 million a year from all angles of his professional career.

Net Worth

Joe has a beating total assets of about $150 million which he procures for the most part from podcasting and different sources.

Source: Fillabase.com

Stewart Rhodes Biography, Age, Parents, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Stewart Rhodes Biography, Age, Parents, Wife, Children & Net Worth – Elmer Stewart Rhodes III professionally called Stewart Rhodes is a former U.S. Army paratrooper, political staffer for Ron Paul, lawyer, and the founder of the Oath Keepers.

In 2022, he was convicted of seditious conspiracy and evidence tampering with regard to the January 6, 2021 United States Capitol attack.

Quick Facts

Net Worth:
$4 million
Date of Birth:
Born in 1966 (56 years as of 2022)
Place of Birth:Kalispell, Montana, United States
Height:5 Feet 11 Inch
Profession:Oath keeper Founder, Lawyer


Stewart Rhodes is the Founder and President of Oath Keepers. Stewart Rhodes is a Paratrooper, a congressional staffer, an artist, a Yale law grad, and a state Supreme Court clerk before he launched the far-right Oath Keepers.

Stewart Rhodes came into News on 27 September when he stand trial on seditious conspiracy charges for the US Capitol attack. Many people are searching the Wikipedia of Stewart Rhodes Oath Keeper.

Early Life

stewart Rhodes

Elmer Stewart Rhodes III was born in Fresno, California in 1966. His father was a U.S. Marine and his mother worked on a farm.

Rhodes has said he is “mixed-race” and has “American-Indian” and Hispanic maternal ancestors.

Education and career

Rhodes attended high school in Las Vegas, then joined the U.S. Army but was honorably discharged after 7 months, the result of a spinal injury sustained during airborne school.

Rhodes studied political science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas while parking cars to make money.

In his first year he rejected well paid internships in favor of working at a conservative think tank.

After graduating in 1998, he worked as a staffer for Republican Congressman Ron Paul.

In 2001, Rhodes enrolled in Yale Law School, where he was noted as a defender of gun rights and for being well-intentioned with those with whom he had political differences.

He became dissatisfied with what he perceived as eroding rights in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

Rhodes taught a self-defenses class, and his paper about enemy combatant’s classification during the presidency of George W. Bush won an award in his final year at Yale. He graduated in 2004.

After graduating from Yale, Rhodes clerked for Michael D. Ryan, an associate justice at the Arizona Supreme Court.

As a lawyer he worked in various states in the Western US. On December 8, 2015, Rhodes was disbarred by the Montana Supreme Court for conduct violating the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct after refusing to respond to two bar grievances filed against him in the federal district court in Arizona.

What was his impact on the 2020 United States presidential election?

For two months after the 2020 United States presidential election, Rhodes encouraged his supporters to reject Joe Biden as the incoming president.

Rhodes spoke of a need to take up weapons to prevent Biden’s inauguration and launched a campaign to persuade then president Donald Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, deploy the military and the Oath Keepers as a militia.

Attack on United States Capitol

On December 12, 2020, Rhodes spoke at a Pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C., along with speakers including Michael Flynn, Sebastian Gorka, Alex Jones, podcaster David Harris Jr., Nick Fuentes, and Mike Lindell.

Rhodes called on Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, and warned that not doing so would lead to a “much more bloody war.”

On January 13, 2022, Stewart Rhodes and nine other members of the Oath Keepers were arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy.

On November 29, 2022, after a nine-week trial, along with Kelly Meggs, Rhodes was convicted of seditious conspiracy and evidence tampering with regards to the January 6, 2021 United States Capitol attack. He has not yet been sentenced.

Wife & Family

Stewart Rhodes and wife
Stewart Rhodes and wife

Rhodes married Tasha Adams in 1994, after meeting her a few years earlier in Las Vegas.

When they met Adams was 18 years old and working at an Arthur Murray Dance studio, and Rhodes was a 25 year old college student.

Adams worked as an exotic dancer to financially support Rhodes’ education during their marriage.

Prior to their marriage, Rhodes accidentally shot himself in the face with a .22 hand gun after dropping it, destroying his eyeball and leaving him using a prosthetic eyeball.

Adams filed for divorce in 2018, accusing Rhodes of emotional and physical abuse, as of November 2022 the divorce application is pending.

The family lived in New Haven and various other states in the western United States.

Rhodes volunteered for Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign and later complained that political opponents of Paul linked Paul to hate groups and racists, despite the Ron Paul Report containing racist statements.

Rhodes is reported to have taken inspiration from the notion that Adolf Hitler could have been stopped if German soldiers and police had refused to follow orders.

Net Worth

Stewart is reported to have worth $4.1 million.


Adams and Rhodes have five children, including Dakota Adams, their eldest son, Sequoia Adams, and Sedona Adams.


His father was a United States of America Marine, and his mother worked on a farm, but their names are unknown.

Source: Fillabase.com

Kendrick Sampson Biography, Net Worth, Career, Wife, Children & All You Need To Know

Kendrick Sampson is a mannequin, actor, and activist from the USA of America. Kendrick Sampson rose to prominence as a forged member on The Vampire Diaries, Gracepoint, The way to Get Away with Homicide, and The Flash.

Kendrick Sampson, a 34-year-old American actor, and activist was born on March 8, 1988.

Quick Facts

Net Worth:
$1 million
Salary/YearBetween $45,000 and $57,000
Date of Birth:
08 Mar, 1988 (34 years as of March 2022)
Place of Birth:Houston, Texas, United States
Profession:actor, mannequin, activist


Early Childhood and Education

Kendrick Smith Sampson was born in Houston, Texas on March 8, 1988. Daphne Smith Sampson and Hoyle Sampson Sr. are his parents. He received his education at Elkins High School, where he began acting in theater plays. He is currently an American citizen of African American ancestry.


Kendrick Sampson bio 1

Kendrick Sampson was born in 1988 and has a birthday on March eighth 1988. Equally, he’s 34 years as of March 2022.

He was born in the USA of America, particularly within the metropolis of Houston, Texas.

Moreover, the superstar actor is of American origin and was born below the Pisces zodiac signal.

Close to the famend actor’s household background, he was born to Daphne Smith Sampson and Hoyle Sampson Sr. When it comes to siblings, he doesn’t have any.

His dad and mom raised him as a lone baby. Moreover, from a really younger age, he developed a robust curiosity within the arts and music.

Equally, whereas he was simply ten years previous, he had an curiosity in performing.

In response to the star actor’s instructional background, he attended Elkins Excessive Faculty initially.

He started doing theater throughout his senior 12 months of high school. Equally, we wouldn’t have any details about his post-secondary education. He might or might not have continued his research by enrolling in faculty.

Height & Weight

As an actor, he’s unquestionably well-built. When it comes to stature, he’s 6 toes tall and weighs greater than 74 kg. Moreover, he possesses beautiful hazel eyes and darkish brown hair.

Professional Career

Kendrick Sampson is an achieved actor and activist from the USA of America. Sampson made his tv debut in 2008 as a visitor star on two episodes of the ABC Household sitcom Greek, adopted by a visitor look on an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2010.

Moreover, in July 2013, Sampson was forged in The CW’s The Vampire Diaries’ fifth season as Jesse. In January 2014, he was forged as Dean Iverson on Fox’s Gracepoint.

Equally, in November 2014, he appeared in Hayley Kiyoko’s music video for the tune “This Aspect of Paradise.” Equally, in July 2015, he was forged as Caleb Hapstall on ABC’s authorized thriller The way to Get Away with Homicide. He began Sampson Studios, an unbiased manufacturing firm.

In Could 2019, he based BLD PWR to foster contemporary growth, empowerment, and transformation amongst impoverished communities and all through American society.

Moreover, the activist was an energetic participant in and chief of Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles following George Floyd’s assassination.

He stated that he was overwhelmed and rubber bulleted by a police officer through the protests.

He has referred to as for a one-day strike in Hollywood in protest to the taking pictures of Jacob Blake.

Sampson partnered with JusticeLA in 2020 to create #SuingToSaveLives, a public service announcement on the well being of detainees at Los Angeles County jails through the COVID-19 outbreak.

Net Worth

Kendrick Sampson has been working in the entertainment sector since 2006, and as a film and television star, he makes a decent living. As of early June 2020, he has an astounding net worth of $1 million. His acting jobs have helped him make a fortune.

Love Life

Kendrick Sampson bio
Kendrick Sampson bio

Kendrick Sampson is a single man. We are unaware of his relationship status because he doesn’t let the media know about her love life.

What ethnicity is Kendrick Sampson?

Early life. Sampson was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the son of Daphne Smith Sampson and Hoyle Sampson Sr. He is biracial.

How did Kendrick Sampson get famous?

Sampson’s big break in television series was in 2008 with the ABC Family series Greek, in which he played the role of Woodchuck. Following that he appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in the episode Field Mice as Derrick Gold. In 2011, he appeared in Days of Our Lives as Jay Jordan.

Movie Appearances

Kendrick has appeared in a number of popular television episodes and films during the course of his acting career.

In 2008, he made his television debut as Lamar in two episodes of the ABC Family program Greek. He made an appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation two years later.

Then, in January 2014, Sampson portrayed Jesse’s heartbreak in the fifth season of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, starring Kat Graham and Zach Roerig.

He has also appeared in a number of television shows, including Gracepoint, How to Get Away with Murder, Supernatural, White Famous, The Flash, Insecure, and others.

Source: Fillabase.com

Paul Teutul Jr Biography, Wife, Career, Net worth & Age

Paul Teutul Jr is an American businessman and television personality, best known as the co-founder of Orange County Choppers, a manufacturer of custom motorcycles.

Teutul starred in the American reality television series American Chopper, which aired on the Discovery Channel from 2002 to 2010.

Quick Facts

Net Worth:
$10 million
Date of Birth:
October 2, 1974 (48 years as of October 2022)
Place of Birth:United States of America
Height:5′ 9¾” (1.77 m)
Profession:TV Personality, Motorcycle Designer


Who is Paul Teutul Jr.? (Biography)

Paul Teutul Jr
Paul Teutul Jr

Teutul co-founded Orange County Choppers along with his father, Paul Teutul, Sr. in 1999. Teutul goes by the nickname Junior.

He opened his own design firm called Paul Jr. Designs, and, in 2009, designed a dog park in Montgomery, New York.

The company manufactures custom motorcycles and sells branded clothing. Teutul, along with his father and younger brother Michael Teutul, became celebrities when Orange County Choppers became the focus of a reality television series American Chopper on Discovery Channel in 2002.

He was responsible for designing the logo for OCC. His first product design was a “facelift” for Coleman’s 10th anniversary “Roadtrip Grill” in 2010.

On the February 4, 2010 American Chopper episode “Stewart-Haas Bike”, Paul pitched a line of dog toys to Bamboo Pets. Teutul Jr. married his long term girlfriend, Rachael Biester (August 20, 2010),  they were on the TLC show Say Yes to the Dress.

Early Life

Paul John Teutul Jr. was born on May 1, 1974, in Poughkeepsie, New York, the son of Paul Teutul Sr. and Dolores Teutul. He has two brothers, Daniel and Michael.

He is of German descent on his father’s side and Irish descent on his mother’s side. Teutul was raised in Orange County, New York, and attended Iona Preparatory School.

In high school, he played football and lacrosse. After graduating from high school in 1992, Teutul studied at Dutchess Community College before enlisting in the United States Coast Guard.

Net Worth

The American Choppers tv star has a net worth estimated to be $10 million which he earns from his profession as a designer and tv producer.


Teutal Jr is an American reality television personality and custom motorcycle designer, and builder. He is best known as the chief designer and fabricator on the Discovery Channel reality television series American Chopper.

In 1999, Teutul Sr. and OCC were featured in a segment of the Discovery Channel series Modern Marvels. This led to the development of American Chopper, which debuted in 2002.

Paul Teutul Jr served as the chief designer and fabricator at OCC until 2008, when he left the company to start his own design firm, Paul Jr. Designs. In 2009, he rejoined OCC as a consultant.

Paul Teutul Jr has appeared on American Chopper since its debut, and the show has chronicled the often tense relationship between him and his father. In 2013, Teutul Sr. and Teutul Jr. starred in a spin-off series, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

In addition to his work on American Chopper, Teutul Jr. has also appeared on the reality show Celebrity Apprentice, Rachael Ray, and Jay Leno’s Garage.

Personal Life

Paul Teutul jr biography

Married Paul Teutul Jr. tied the knot with Rachael Biester on August 20, 2010. The couple also appeared on the TLC show Say Yes to the Dress.

Together, they have a son named Hudson Seven Teutul. He lives a happy and delightful life with his family.

However, there is no detail regarding his previous relationships. Teutul jr has never officially disclosed his past relationships. It seems, he never dated before his marriage to Rachael Biester.


Paul Teutul Jr. is married to Rachael Biester. The couple tied their knots on August 20, 2010. Together, they have a son and are living a happy life.


On February 3, 2015, his wife gave birth to their first son, Hudson Seven Teutul.


When it comes to his academics, he has remained quiet regarding his educational background. He must have completed high school, as do most Americans. Apart from that, nothing is clear about his education.


Teutul is 48 years of age and he celebrated his latest birthday on October 2, 2022.

Source: Fillabase.com

Ghana-Portugal Referee Ismail ElFath Finally Speaks; Says He’s More Than A Ghanaian


Ismail Elfath, the referee at the center of a controversial penalty awarded against Ghana in the World cup encounter with Portugal has broken his silence saying he regrets the episode.

As per Ismail Elfath, he used to play soccer with Ghanaians in the US in his neighborhood and holds nothing against the country. He says he regrets the uproar but he believes it was a penalty.

Ismail Elfath Biography
Ismail Elfath Biography

The Moroccan-American Referee has come under serious social media attacks after the penalty decision that handed 3 points to Portugal and sent Ronaldo into the top of FIFA World Cup records ahead of Pele and Maradona.

Many pundits around the world say Ismail Elfath’s penalty call was wrong while a third goal by Rafael Leao has come up strongly as a possible offside.


According to Sports Obama, Ghanaian Dr Joe K, formerly of Prempeh College caught up with the embattled referee in Qatar.

Ismail insisted it was a penalty. He said based on what he saw at that moment, it was a penalty.

Ismail Elfath FIFA Referee
Ismail Elfath FIFA Referee

If VAR thought otherwise, they would’ve called him. But they didn’t meaning it was correct.

He was kind of regretful. He said he used to play soccer with Ghanaians around his community in the USA. He didn’t expect this uproar though.

Source: MyNewsGh.com

Anthony Taylor Biography, Net Worth, Career, Wife, Children And All You Need To Know

Anthony Taylor is an English professional football referee from Wythenshawe, Manchester.

In 2010, he was promoted to the list of Select Group of Referees who officiate primarily in the Premier League, and in 2013 became a listed referee for FIFA allowing him to referee European and international matches.

In this article we will place a center stage on the age, net worth, career, children, wife and other information about the English referee.

Quick Facts

Net Worth:
$1.5 million
Salary/Year£70,000 Per Year
Date of Birth:
October 20,1978 (44 years as of October 2022)
Place of Birth:Wythenshawe
Height:184 cm
Nationality:United Kingdom



Anthony Taylor

Anthony who was born on 20 October 1978 is an English professional football referee from Wythenshawe, Manchester.

In 2010, he was promoted to the list of Select Group Referees who officiate primarily in the Premier League, and in 2013 became a listed referee for FIFA allowing him to referee European and international matches.

In 2015, he officiated the Football League Cup final at Wembley Stadium when Chelsea defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2–0.

Taylor returned to Wembley later that year to officiate the Community Shield as Arsenal beat Chelsea 1–0.

He refereed the 2017 and 2020 FA Cup finals, both between Chelsea and Arsenal; Arsenal won on both occasions 2–1. Upon the selection, he became the first man to referee a second FA Cup final since Arthur Kingscott in 1901.

Early career

Taylor started refereeing in the Northern Premier League in 2002, progressing to officiate in the Conference North in 2004.

He was appointed to the Football League referees’ list at the start of the 2006–07 season and his first appointment was a 0–0 draw between Wrexham and Peterborough United in a League Two match in August 2006.

In November 2006 he refereed an England under-19s international friendly match against Switzerland under-19s at Gresty Road, the home of Crewe Alexandra; England won 3–2.

Professional career

Anthony taylor net worth
Anthony taylor net worth
Taylor’s first Premier League appointment was a February 2010 encounter between Fulham and Portsmouth, which Fulham won 1–0.
He refereed one more game in the top-flight during that season before being promoted to the League’s list of Select Group of Referees for 2010–11.

In September 2010 he took charge of his fourth Premier League match, contested by Blackburn Rovers and Fulham. The match ended 1–1.

Taylor sent off three players in his first game of the 2011–12 season. Middlesbrough won 1–0 at Leeds United in a fixture which saw Jonny Howson and Max Gradel of Leeds and Boro’s Tony McMahon dismissed, all for second bookable offences.

Anthony Taylor refereed a total of 34 matches that season and dismissed eight players in total, including the three at Leeds.

Taylor became a FIFA listed referee on 1 January 2013, making him eligible to officiate UEFA European and FIFA international competitive games. In May 2013 he was fourth official to Andre Marriner for the FA Cup Final.

On the opening day of the 2013–14 season Anthony refereed Aston Villa’s 3–1 victory away at Arsenal.

He awarded Villa two penalties and dismissed Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny for two bookable offences.

Arsène Wenger described Taylor’s officiating of the match as “stubborn” but Villa manager Paul Lambert said that he thought the official “had a good game”.

On 1 March 2015, Taylor was the referee for the Football League Cup final between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

In 2015, Taylor refereed both the 2015 FA Community Shield and the 2015 Football League Cup final.

On 26 April 2017, Anthony was chosen to be the main referee for the 2017 FA Cup final.

On 26 May 2018 he was chosen to officiate the 2018 EFL Championship play-off Final.

On 16 September 2020, Taylor was chosen to be the main referee for the 2020 UEFA Super Cup[15]

On 12 June 2021, Taylor officiated a UEFA Euro 2020 group stage match between Finland and Denmark.

In October 2021, Anthoiny was chosen to referee the 2021 UEFA Nations League Final between Spain and France.[19]

In a May 2022 FIFA pronouncement, Taylor was listed as one of six English officials to oversee matches at that November and December’s World Cup.

Net Worth

Anthony Taylor net worth and salary: Anthony Taylor is a Referee who has a net worth of $60 Million.


He has not been married to any other women, according to publications up until this point. He is honest about his preferences for gender. As of right now, he hasn’t engaged in any contentious activities.

Source: Fillabase.com

Hyun Bin Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Career, & Age

Kim Tae-pyung, better known as Hyun Bin, is a South Korean actor. He gained widespread recognition for his role in the 2005 romantic comedy TV drama My Name is Kim Sam-soon.

In this article, we will delve much into the biography, Net worth, wife career and other relevant factors that describes the actor.

Quick Facts

Net Worth:
$10 million
Date of Birth:
September 24, 1982 (40 years in 2022)
Place of Birth:Jamsilbon-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Height:6 Feet 2 inches (1.85 m)
Nationality:South Korea

Who is Hyun Bin? (Biography)

Hyun Bin, is a South Korean actor. He gained widespread recognition for his role in the 2005 romantic comedy TV drama My Name is Kim Sam-soon.

Since then, he has appeared in leading roles in other successful television shows, including the romantic fantasy drama Secret Garden between 2010 & 2011, fantasy drama Memories of the Alhambra (2018–2019), and romantic drama Crash Landing on You (2019–2020).

Hyun Bin’s popularity was further widened by starring in a series of box office hits: the action thriller Confidential Assignment (2017), the crime thrillers The Swindlers (2017) and The Negotiation (2018) as well as the zombie horror Rampant (2018).

He was Gallup Korea’s Television Actor of the Year in 2011. The success of Hyun Bin’s works internationally established him as a top Hallyu star. He is among the highest paid and most influential actors in South Korea.

Hyun drew praise from critics for his performance in melodrama film Late Autumn, which was screened at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

Throughout his television and film career, he has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including five at the Baeksang Arts Awards, and won various accolades for his acting recognition, including the Grand Prize (Daesang) for TV at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards.


Hyun Bin biography

Hyun Bin’s first film was Shower in 2002. However, it was not released due to lack of funding. Hyun eventually made his debut as an actor in the 2003 television series Bodyguard.

He then starred in the sitcom Nonstop 4 and quirky romance drama Ireland, and made his film debut the same year in the youth sports movie Spin Kick.

Hyun shot to stardom with the 2005 romantic comedy TV series My Lovely Sam Soon with Kim Sun-a,[9] for which Hyun won the Top Excellence Award at the MBC Drama Awards.

My Lovely Sam Soon was a massive hit with average viewership ratings of over 37% and recorded 50.5% for the finale, making it one of the highest-rated Korean drama of all time.

The explosive popularity of the drama and his portrayal as Sam-sik established Hyun Bin as a top star in South Korea and a Hallyu star as his popularity expanded beyond South Korea to Japan and other countries in Asia.

Following the success of My Lovely Sam Soon, Hyun starred in his first film as a lead actor in A Millionaire’s First Love (written by internet novelist Guiyeoni).

The movie was a hit with the young audience. Hyun’s next television project, The Snow Queen, although underperformed, earned him his first Best Actor nomination at Baeksang Arts Awards.

Was Hyun a Military man? (Military enlistment and discharge)

On March 7, 2011, Hyun began his 21-month mandatory military service as a soldier in the Marine Corps.

He volunteered to serve in the Marine Corps, said to be the toughest branch of the Korean military, as he had a good impression of the Marines.

Competition rate to enter the Marines at that time was high at 4:1 with Hyun placing in the top 5% of applicants.

Hyun applied to be a combat soldier. The decision to join the Marines while at the peak of his career generated much interest in Korea and overseas.

Seven broadcasting companies, including Japan’s NHK, requested access to the training camp.

Hyun was named a top marksman during training, one of 16 out of about 720 rookie Marines.

Hyun hit the target 19 times out of 20 in day shooting training, and all of his 10 shots hit the target during night training. To qualify as a top marksman, rookies must hit the target more than 18 times out of 20 in day training and nine out of 10 at night.

The Corps originally planned to put Hyun on public relations duty; however due to public criticism and Hyun’s reported desire to serve on the front line, Hyun was assigned on active duty to Baengnyeong Island, close to the Northern Limit Line and Yeonpyeong, site of a November 2010 artillery engagement between the North and South Korean forces.

After joining the Marines and completing his six months in the service, Hyun participated in the “Seoul Reclamation Anniversary Marine Marathon Competition”.

He ran a 6.25 km long course with 400 exemplary senior marines. This event was held in remembrance of the historically significant event when the Marines won back the capital Seoul that had been taken during the 6.25 Korean War.

He was discharged on December 6, 2012, and was awarded the Secretary of Defense Award and the Marine Corps Commandant Commendation for being an exemplary soldier.

After the merger of their former agency AM Entertainment with SM Entertainment, Hyun’s reps announced in November 2012 that the actor and Shin Min-ah had decided to go independent and set up their own management agency O& Entertainment.

Net Worth

Hyun bin

Hyun Bin net worth: Hyun Bin is a South Korean actor who has a net worth of $10 million. He is perhaps best known for appearing in several films and TV series since 2003.


Bin is married to Son Ye-jin a South Korean actress. She rose to fame in 2003 for The Classic and Summer Scent, which were followed by the commercially successful A Moment to Remember and April Snow.

On February 10, 2022, Hyun and Son announced their engagement in letters posted on their social media accounts.

They married in a private ceremony on March 31, attended by their parents and friends of both families.

Why did Hyun Bin change his name?

HYUN BIN- His real name is quite different from his original name Kim Tae Pyung. The actor changed his name in the early stages of acting career because his real name is difficult to pronounce. GONG YOO- The actor kept his family name but changed JI chul to Yoo.

Does Hyun Bin have children?

Image result for who is Hyun Bin
South Korean power couple Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin are expecting their first child, a boy, in December. The Crash Landing on You co-stars got hitched in March 2022 and broke the pregnancy news in July. Son’s agency announced that their first child is a boy and that it would arrive in December.

Much to the joy of fans, the agencies confirmed that the two were in a relationship in January 2021, and had been dating for over eight months. The agencies said that the two had developed feelings for each other after working together on CLOY.

Annual Salary

His commercial earnings are estimated around US$515,000-587,000 annually, according to the Koreaboo website.


Hyun Bin/Height
1.85 m

Ismail Elfath Biography, Age, Net Worth, Children, Spouse And All You Need To Know

Ismail Elfath is a Moroccan-born American soccer referee for the Professional Referee Organization.

He has been a referee in Major League Soccer since 2012 and a FIFA listed referee since 2016.

In this article, we talked about Ismail Elfath’s wiki, bio, career, and how much money he has.

Quick Facts

Net Worth:
$5 Million
Salary/Year$200,000 Per Year
Date of Birth:
March 3, 1982 (40)
Place of Birth:Casablanca, Morocco
Height:5 feet 8 inches.
Nationality:United States of America

Who Is Ismail Elfath? (Biography)

Ismail Elfath
Ismail Elfath

The referee moved to the US when he was 18. Before he became a soccer referee, he worked as a deals and IT specialist. Also, he goes back to his country of origin every two to three years.

The official was in charge of the Orlando City B vs. New York Red Bulls II game in August 2016. He was also chosen on March 26 in Poland to be a judge for the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

He was also chosen to be the referee for the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup in the US and the semifinal match of the 2019 FIFA Qatar Club World Cup in the same year.

Ismail has also been chosen to be one of the 36 arbitrators for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. He was one of two referees from CONCACAF who worked at the Africa Cup of Nations in 2021.

Early Life

Elfath immigrated to the United States in 2001 at the age of 18 after winning a diversity visa lottery.

Elfath graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2006. As of 2022, Elfath resides in Austin, Texas.


Elfath was first a Fourth official in MLS in 2011 and made his MLS refereeing debut in 2012. Elfath became a FIFA listed official in 2016.

Elfath was the referee during an August 2016 match between New York Red Bulls II and Orlando City B where the worldwide first on-field Video Assistant Referee review took place as the system was being tested in USL.

On March 26, 2019, Elfath was selected to referee the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Poland. Elfath along with American assistant referees Corey Parker and Kyle Atkins was selected by FIFA to officiate the final of the tournament, which Ukraine won 2-1 over South Korea.

On May 17, 2019, Elfath was appointed to officiate in the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup in the United States following his participation in the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Later that year Elfath took charge of the semi-final match at the FIFA Qatar 2019 Club World Cup.

Elfath was named the MLS Referee of the Year for the first time in his career on November 18, 2020.[10] He received the honor for a second time two years later on October 14, 2022.

In July 2021, Elfath took charge of three matches at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, including a quarter -final match between host nation Japan and New Zealand.

Elfath was chosen as one of the two referees from CONCACAF for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations held in Cameroon from January 9 to February 6, 2022.

Elfath was a referee during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He officiated the Ghana vs Portugal game and offered the controversial penalty that gave Portugal the lead in the game.

Net Worth

Ismail Elfath FIFA Referee
Ismail Elfath FIFA Referee

Ismail Elfath net worth has been growing significantly in 2020-2021. Ismail Elfath’s income source is mostly from being a successful.

Ismail Elfath has an online worth of $5 million.

The children of Ismail Elfath

Ismail Elfath’s three children are all wonderful. Even though he doesn’t know their names, both his 5-year-old and 17-year-old play soccer to some degree, but his 9-year-old won’t join in.

Ismail Elfath didn’t tell anyone their names because he was worried about their safety. Not everyone agrees with referees’ decisions, and people have been known to act out when they don’t like them.


Ismail Elfath wife: Ismail Elfath has a wife and three kids, but in an average year, he is away from home for 140 nights. No one knows what Ismail Elfath’s wife’s name is.

Parents of Ismail Elfath

After his mother died when he was eight years old, Elfath lived with his grandfather.


Ismail was born on March 3, 1982 and as of March 2022 he is 40 years now.

Ismail Elfath Height

He is 5 feet 8 inches.