Bishop Salifu Amoako Makes Shocking Revelation That Will Befall Ghana If LGBT Is Not Legalized

Salifu amoako and nana akufo addo

Archbishop Elisha Salifu Amoako, President of the National Prophetic and Apostolic Churches Council has added his voice to calls for the government to reject campaigns for the legalization of same-sex relations in the country [LGBT], reports.

According to him, the values and beliefs of the Ghanaian society frown on the activities of lesbians and gays.

Speaking on behalf of the group at a press conference, the Alive Chapel founder said under no circumstance will the Christian faith allow the government to give legal backing to same-sex activities.

“We should not entertain homosexuality because it’s a bad thing. In both the Bible and Quran, God created man and woman and blessed them to be fruitful and multiply. God’s concept for the creation of human beings is man and woman, not man and man.

“We cannot accept gayism and lesbianism in this country. We will never allow it because it is unacceptable. We want Ghanaians and all religious bodies to accept that homosexuality is alien to our culture and we are afraid for the future of our children”, he added.

Archbishop Salifu Amoako urged the government to act decisively in clamping down on activities of the group by shutting down their office.

Citing the example of the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, Salifu Amoako maintained that the legalization of gayness and lesbianism will stall the country’s progress.

In the spiritual realm, Salifu Amoako has noted that Ghana will be exposed should it officially welcome same-sex relations.

“Our kids are the future of the country so we can’t allow them to be gays and lesbians because it is an affront to our culture. We are appealing to the government to close down their office.

“God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of gays so it has been with us for a long time but to legalize is a no-no. It will affect the progress of the country. Our spiritual covering will be destroyed. The development of the country will be badly affected”, he noted.

The campaign for the government to take a stance on the issue has heightened following the opening of an office by the LGBTQ+ group in Ghana.

A host of religious institutions, politicians, and public officials have called for the closure of the office.