Bishop Obinim REVEALS Why His Church Is Still Closed Despite Ban On Churches Lifted

Bishop Obinim has revealed why he won’t be opening his church despite the fact that the ban on church gatherings have been lifted.

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According to Bishop Obinim, he will no more observe its usual Sunday service until further notice.

Bishop Obinim

Given his reasons he said,  the church finds the protocols outlined by the government for the reopening of the churches as a challenging task, and for which reason, they will not do a mass service as expected.

Bishop Obinim

However, he will only do counseling services on Sundays.

“The rules are too much. For IGWC, Obinim, and my fans, we cant adhere to them. We don’t want to have any issues with the government. But I will do my usual counseling, every Sunday in Kumasi. If I want to go by the protocols, I will be conducting a lot of services. First, second, third, and even more than a hundred.”

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