Bishop Obinim Expresses How Unhappy He Is That Ghanaians Don’t Trust Him Anymore

Bishop Obinim says he is very unhappy that Ghanaians have lost faith in him and see him as fake due to his inability to use the English language properly.

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According to him, he is a fortified and true servant of God and that he was sent to save the Lord’s people from perishing.

Bishop Obinim

Bishop Obinim pleaded with Ghanaians to listen to him and it will be in their own interest adding that what he speaks is from God and it is too bad that Ghanaians are so much concerned about his ability to speak English.

Bishop Obinim

“I’m powerful but Ghanaians say a lot of bad things about me. I believe these bad things said about me emanates from the fact that I cannot speak good English.

English is not our language and if it were and I had some form of education that would have spoken the language fluently including french.

Because I don’t speak English people say what they want about me but I want people to note that don’t attack the work I do just because I cannot speak good English. God brought me to Ghana for a purpose and when I’m done, I will leave,” he said.

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