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Biography And Everything You Need To Know About Shaft FM’s ‘Country The Worshiper’


Conceived James Amusah prominently known as ‘Country the worshipper’ is a Ghanaian gospel artist, movie maker, radio personality, MC, and film chief.

He is broadly known in Adansi and beyond with his mainstream mid-morning show dubbed ‘anyansafoc agorc’ aired on Adansi’s most tuned in to radio Shaft FM.

With his extraordinary and plush voice, he nearly pulls most radio audience members in Adansi and beyond on his well known one-hour show.

The Tepa Manfo indigen had his Junior High School education at the St. Thomas School at Obuasi.

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He further finished his second cycle education at the Tepa Secondary Senior High School.

Country the worshipper owns a movie production called ‘Country Films’. His outfit has come out with a ton of movies including may3 wo de3n, hw3 de3 odo ay3 me, de3 mahunu, 3ny3 mania, bronya mu ns3m and a host of others.

With respect to his insight in film making, he has dished out almost 500 well-trained actors and actresses in Ghana.

Discussing his radio life, James Amusah Began his radio journey scarcely 9 years prior and without a doubt, he has served Ghana to the absolute best.

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He is currently working with Shaft FM, an Obuasi-based radio station, and evidently, he is progressively starting to lead all mid-morning show hosts in Obuasi with his ‘anyansafoc agorc’ program.

James Amusah is a Gospel craftsman with a ton of hit tracks. He began his music career in 2015.

Wasesa mabrabc, ash3de3 bi, koomi yaayi, 3b3 y3 yie and others are some tracks he has unleashed as a gospel musician.

Interestingly, he dropped a song titled Coronavirus which was aimed at educating the public on how to control the virus without dread or frenzy which is currently receiving much airplay in Adansi and beyond.

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‘Wisdom Speaks’ is an inspirational video he has been embarking on. In those videos, he exhibits his prowess and all that he knows about Ashanti’s unique culture.

‘Wisdom Speaks’ is a life-changing program that highlights life strategies that each and everyone must toe to in other to have a successful future.

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