Benedicta Gafah Reportedly Shades Xandy Kamel After Her Ordeal

Actress Xandy Kamel doesn’t seem to be getting much sympathy from anyone in her time of need.

Ghanaians are not having any sympathy for her due to some past comments, and her colleagues don’t seem that interested in protecting her. Rather, many of them are kicking her whilst she’s down!

Benedicta Gafah has taken a sneaky shot at Xandy as she currently suffers. In a post on Instagram, she called on God not to bring ‘bad omens’ on her.

So who is suffering bad omens right now?

Xandy Kamel is currently mired in depression and mental anguish. Her husband allegedly cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend and has gone back to her.

Xandy has been crying over the issue and according to the latest reports, her suffering is so much that she has been referred to a psychologist. Making things worse is her husband, who according to reports finds ways to taunt her.

In reaction to all this pain being suffered by Xandy, Gafah had no good things to say apart from a shade. Taking to her social media pages, she shared a photo with a caption which has been interpreted as shade to Xandy.

She said: “Many people died when their glory started shining. May we be excluded from such bad omen. Amen,”

Whilst some insist it’s a shade at Xandy, other social media users insist it has nothing to do with her.

Check her post below;