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Sad As Beautiful Lady Threatens Her Own Life For Not Receiving Proposals From Men Since She Was Born

Beautiful Lady

A beautiful lady in her twenties with the only name given as Blessing has shared a sad story of hers.

According to the beautiful lady, she has never been approached by a guy ever since she was born and due to that, she is thinking of ending her life.

The beautiful lady sharing the ordeal on social media wrote;

I don’t think I am ugly and I am in shape. I am at an average height for a woman and I even weigh a little below average for my height.Sometimes, I get compliments on my appearance and family friends keep asking if I have a boyfriend yet and when I tell them no they can’t seem to understand why.

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Even one time my driver asked if I had a boyfriend and I said no, he was surprised and said I was attractive and he reassured me that I would find someone but no guys ever seem interested in me.

I don’t know why I never get approached if I am not ugly. People tell me many times that I have a very young looking face but should that stop men from approaching me?

I don’t know what to do about my nonexistent dating life. I feel like I am pretty much about to be forever alone even though I am not ugly and I don’t have any physical defects. I am not going to approach a guy so please don’t tell me that is what I need to do. I just want all of this to end, I might just end it all.

Well, she is indeed a beautiful lady but your advice and comments can be shared here.

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