Bank Manager Meets His Untimely Death Over Someone’s Wife (Video+Photos)

bank manager ivan 1

A Bank manager named Mr. Kituka Ivan has met his untimely death after he was caught with someone’s wife.

According to a letter making rounds online, the husband of the lady had earlier knowledge of the affair with the Bank manager and warned him afterward.

Reports, however, suggested that the man forewarned the bank manager at his office and reported him to his superiors about his dealings with his wife but all turned out unmaterialize.

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Mr. Kituka Ivan who failed to listen to the husband of the lady Dorothy Nametubi Ssozi he was persistently having an affair with ended him up in a pool of blood.

Despite his plight not to take heed to the warnings of the husband, he hired assassins and shot him multiple times in the head and other parts of his body during the act.

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Below are some photos…





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