The Need For Voters To Know The Positions Of Presidential Candidates On The Ballot Paper.

“A Political Party’s position on the ballot paper for elections has an effect on the party’s drive to campaign” Dr. Kobby Mensah, a Political Marketing Strategist stated on the “Point of View show” with Bernard Avle.

However, he explained that a ballot paper has nothing to do with an electoral success. A party’s position on the ballot paper should fit their campaign narrative, which gives the party strength.

Moreover, the National Democratic Congress led by Mr. John Mahama had the second place on the ballot paper in this year’s election. This has given the party a campaign message which is “The second coming of former President Mahama”. The political party is given much strength and drive through this message, he explained.

Furthermore, the New Patriotic Party is also the first on the ballot paper. This has caused a corresponding campaign message which is “If somebody is actually first, it means they are the preferred choice”. This has created a momentum for the Party’s campaign.

All these messages created by people on the ballot positions, give the parties the drive for their campaign, he stated.

Dr. Mensah also narrated a conversation he had with the former NPP’s campaign manager, the late Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey. “Mr. Jake explained the reason for the New Patriotic Party’s campaign message “Asee Ho” in the year 2000, when former president John Agyekum Kufuor had a position at the bottom of the ballot paper”.

His position at the bottom of the ballot actually meant that he will win. And that is how we got our campaign message ‘Asee Ho’ ”. Mr. Jake explained.

“In Marketing, Product sellers display their products on the top shelf for consumers to see and know about them. This helps consumers who are not familiar with the product’s brand know where to select the product when they enter the shop. It is the position of the product at the shop which will aid consumers in choosing it”.

In addition, positions on a ballot help individuals who have problems differentiating colors, and voters who are really not sure of whom to vote for. The individuals will not have to waste time going through the ballot paper; all they have to do is locate the position of the preferred candidate.

A candidate’s position on the ballot paper is very important.

Therefore, more advocates should be made on them by the Political Parties. Dr. Mensah explained.

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