Baby Dies Mysteriously After “Sakawa Ring” Was Removed

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Within this week, a guy who had a ring stuck on his finger was trending but there are more highlights because a baby has been found dead right after the ring was removed.

The guy supposedly stole his friend’s ring and the owner of the ring is accused of being a ‘sakawa’ boy.

Unfortunately, water was not supposed to touch the ring and unknowing to the thief, in this case, he didn’t know and bathed with it.

That was how come the ring was squeezing his finger and could not be removed.

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The ring was removed yesterday 18th March,2021 after the thief visited mallam and he helped him remove it.

But news reaching this morning is that a baby has mysteriously died after the ring was removed from the guy’s finger.

It was a group of children playing in the sand who found the dead baby of about 10months and the baby had been turned upside down and its leg was hanging.

They reported it to an elderly woman and It was reported that the baby was buried near a sea.

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Rumour has it that, the mysterious death of that 10months old baby within the local has something to do with the guy who visited a mallam for help.

Some people believe that this was a ritual the guy did in order for his ring to be removed.

This is because it is acclaimed that the mallam requested for the blood of a newborn baby.

The case is currently with the police and they have not said anything yet because they are investigating the matter.

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