Residents Of Ayamfuri & Kakrayebedi Experience Water Shortage Due To Activities Of Perseus Mining

An acute water shortage has hit Kakrayebedi near Ayanfuri in the Upper Denkyira West District in the Central region disrupting the economic and social activities of workers and the inhabitants due to activities of Perseus Mining Ghana Limited.

The water facility that provides water for the people of Kakrayebedi has broken down and has remained unrepaired for the past 9 years and the inhabitants now depend solely on a single standpipe in Ayanfuri.

Mr. Frank Boateng, a member of the Ayanfuri community said because of the inadequate supply of water, people of Kakrayebedi cover marathon of miles from their homes with gallons and queue at the single standpipe in Ayamfuri for long periods just to have water.

“People walk from their various homes to queue for water, with this, we are pleading with the government, minerals commission and EPA to come to our aid due to the activities of Perseus Mining Ghana Limited,” he said.

He continued that people of Kakrayebedi hire tricycles known in our local parlance as ‘Aboboya’ to Ayanfuri to carry water to their places which also costs them huge sums of money.

“If you fetch water from Ayanfuri to Kakrayebedi, the motor king charged GHS15 so how many times can we afford all these day in day out for our families for them to get access to water,” he added.

He observed that the mining activities of Perseus Mining Ghana Limited has done them more harm than good hence calling on the government to revoke their license if necessary.

Adding up, he revealed that the current situation will be worse if Ayanfuri and it’s surrounding communities especially Kakrayebedi is hit by the novel coronavirus.

According to him, he wouldn’t be surprised because the washing of hands as directed by the president has become cumbersome to them due to shortage of water.

Mr. Frank further posited that when the single standpipe in Ayamfuri breaks down, they walk for more than a mile before they get access to water.

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