Are Ghanaians Really Determined To Vote In This year’s General Elections?


Majority of Ghanaians are willing to vote in the 2020 general elections. An online electoral poll which was conducted confirmed this message.

The statistics made from the Online Electoral Poll showed that, people in the Greater Accra Region recorded the highest number of persons who said they will vote during the election. Moreover, the Ashanti Region also recorded high number of persons who said they will vote to those who said they will not vote. This was the same case for the Northern and Central Region.

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78% of persons aged 18 said they will vote, while only 10% said they will not vote. The remaining 12% were not that sure of their stand.

On the side of the adults, 83.4% males said they will vote whilst 73.2% of the females also said they will vote.

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Seven questions based on individual’s view on issues related to the elections, were asked during the electoral poll.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it was believed that lots of people will not take part in the elections. However, surprisingly, the number of would be voters in the year’s election is encouraging, from the statistics made at the electoral poll.